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Defense Department warns of China’s ‘extensive,’ expanding island-building

China’s mysterious campaign to build artificial islands in disputed waters of the South China Sea has grown to cover roughly 2,000 acres, a senior defense official said Friday, as the Pentagon issued a report warning the sites could be used to bolster the country’s military infrastructure.   The assessments provide an unprecedented level of detail […]

China warns on rising North Korea nuclear capability

Chinese nuclear experts have warned that North Korea may already have 20 nuclear warheads and the capability to produce enough weapons-grade uranium to double its arsenal by next year, The Wall Street Journal reported.   The Chinese estimates of Pyongyang’s nuclear production, relayed to U.S. nuclear specialists, exceed most previous U.S. forecasts, which range from […]

Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos

In a world first, Chinese scientists have reported editing the genomes of human embryos. The results are published1 in the online journal Protein & Cell and confirm widespread rumours that such experiments had been conducted — rumours that sparked a high-profile debate last month2, 3 about the ethical implications of such work.   In the […]

Philippines warning over China’s South China Sea reclamation

Gen Gregorio Catapang said Chinese “aggressiveness” was causing tensions in the region. His comments come as the Philippines begins one of its largest joint military exercises with the US. This year’s Balikatan exercises involve more than 11,000 personnel, the biggest showing in 15 years. China claims almost the whole of the South China Sea, resulting […]

Japan scrambling warplanes as often as Cold War era amid growing activity by China, Russia

Japan’s government says the number of scrambles by the country’s warplanes has surged in recent years to levels nearly matching the Cold War era amid growing activity by China and Russia in the region.   The Defense Ministry said Wednesday that the Self Air-Defense Force scrambled its jets 943 times during a 12-month period through […]

China’s Three Missile Submarines a ‘Concern’

The Chinese Navy has deployed three ballistic missile submarines at sea capable of striking the United States with nuclear missiles, the commander of the U.S. Northern Command said Tuesday.   Adm. William Gortney, the commander, said the submarines are a “concern” and will be able to strike the United States when fully deployed with missiles […]

Iran nuclear deal: ‘Key issues’ delay accord as talks extended

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: “We hope to get there during the day.” However, a number of ministers have left the talks and China warned compromise was essential, otherwise “all previous efforts will be wasted”. A deal would curb the nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief. Negotiations between the so-called P5+1 – the US, […]

China jails Christian pastor who fought church demolitions

A Chinese preacher who opposed an “anti-church” demolition campaign that saw hundreds of places of worship partially or completely destroyed has been jailed for one year on charges supporters claim are trumped up. Huang Yizi, 40, was sentenced before a packed courtroom on Tuesday afternoon for “gathering crowds to disturb social order,” Zhang Kai, his […]

Kerry says ‘genuine progress’ made toward Iran nuclear deal, but ‘gaps remain’

Kerry also said he will stop in London later Saturday before returning to Washington to talk with France and United Kingdom leaders involved in the negotiations to “share ideas this evening on how to resolve remaining sticking points … to determine whether a deal is possible.” He also said he has already spoken with China […]

World War III: Ominously Close, Inevitable

How close are we? By Rick Brinegar   “Extremely Fragile” Nuclear Global Order Widespread nuclear conflict could erupt at any moment in any of several regions of the world. The United States has aligned with members of the European Union to impose punitive sanctions against Russia for Russia’s seizure of Crimea and her support for […]