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If new Israeli gov’t won’t recognize 2-state solution, no chance for peace process

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strong showing in Tuesday’s election which all but ensures he will put together the next governing coalition, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman said Wednesday that the PA is not concerned with who will be Israel’s next prime minister.   Nabil Abu Rudeineh was quoted by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News […]

The ‘second Israel’ has spoken

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s impressive victory in Tuesday’s elections can be explained by going back to the early days of the state.   The Ashkenazi immigrants from Eastern Europe were seen as having an unfair advantage over their Sephardic counterparts from North Africa and the Middle East. The people who are called “the second Israel” […]

Zionist regime’s political parties are all aggressors

There is no difference between Israeli political parties following the electoral victory of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, Iran’s foreign ministry spokeswoman was quoted as saying by semi-official Mehr News Agency on Wednesday.   Read More: Iran on Israeli election: Zionist regime’s political parties are all aggressors – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

Israel election: Netanyahu seeks new term in tight race

Under a sunny Jerusalem sky, voters have been turning out at a polling station surrounded by election posters, party volunteers on hand for a last-minute push. Among them is the banner of Likud, the right-wing party of Benjamin Netanyahu, with the slogan “It’s us or them… only Likud”.   But Israel’s prime minister for the […]

What You Need to Know, From Candidates to Coalitions

Just over 5.8 million citizens are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s closely-fought election, choosing candidates for Israel’s 20th parliament since 1949. As current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fights for his political survival, here’s what you need to know — from candidates to coalitions.   When do polls close, and what happens next?   High turnout […]

Livni, Herzog Deny Rotation Retraction is a Ploy

Despite the accusations of several MKs, Labor-Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni’s last-minute dropout as premier is not due to “pressure” and is not a “ploy,” Livni and party chairman Yitzhak Herzog insisted Monday night.   “It’s really not due to last-minute pressure,” Herzog stated on Channel 2. “Today Livni told me very gently, ‘if the rotation agreement […]

Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if reelected

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday there would be no Palestinian state if he were reelected, in a last-ditch effort to woo rightwing voters on the eve of a general election.   Polling stations are to open at 0500 GMT on Tuesday for Israel’s second snap general election in three years in a ballot […]

Livni forgoes rotating premiership with Herzog

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the party was “panicking,” while Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett said the move indicated the Zionist Union was planning to form a unity government with Netanyahu’s Likud. That claim was subsequently rejected by Herzog as “claptrap.”   The bombshell came 12 […]

Netanyahu: Livni and Herzog are Frightened Liars

Joining his fellow Likud MKs in disparaging Tzipi Livni’s announcement that she was giving up her rotation agreement with Zionist Union co-chair Yitzhak Herzog, was Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu himself.   Livni dropped the news bomb Monday night, claiming that maintaing the rotation deal would constitute an obstacle to Herzog forming the next government.   According to Livni, […]

Benjamin Netanyahu facing election defeat amid Left-wing surge – Telegraph

Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election prospects were looking increasingly grim on Wednesday amid fresh polls showing a strong lead for a buoyant Left-wing opposition and signs of panic in the Israeli prime minister’s own campaign. Less than a week before a general election on March 17, the Zionist Union – an alliance of Isaac Herzog’s Labour party […]