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IDF Looks to Bible to Prepare for Future Threats

The Gideon Plan was publicized Monday, ahead of the results of the Locker Commission, which calls for significant reductions in the Israeli army’s operating budget. The Locker commission, ordered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to examine the military budget and headed by Major General (Res.) Yohanan Locker, has received considerable criticism from defense officials, who […]

Netanyahu pivots to Asia

THE outcome of a vote on July 3rd at the United Nations Human Rights Council was never in doubt. In all, 41 nations voted for a report criticising Israel for its conduct in the Gaza conflict. Only America voted against it. The surprise, however, was that among the five nations abstaining was India. “For the […]

Likud MK: Netanyahu Never Said He’d Build

Likud faction chairman Tzahi Hanegbi spoke to Channel 20 on Thursday about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent refusal to expand Judea and Samaria.   During a meeting on the subject on Monday, Netanyahu admitted plans to keep the de facto building freeze on the area unofficially instituted over the past two years.   “What the Prime Minister said at the […]

Iran nuclear deal: America has taken Iran’s side – to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia

However much Bibi Netanyahu of Israel and the Gulf sultans rage at the Vienna agreement, the Arabs at least will suspect the truth: that the Americans have taken the Shia Muslim side in the Middle East’s sectarian war. That’s not how it was represented by the great and the good, of course.  The headlines were […]

Israeli leaders condemn Iran deal, ‘one of the darkest days in world history’

Netanyahu’s fellow Likud member, Science Minister Danny Danon, said the Iran pact “is like providing a pyromaniac with matches.”   The condemnations are not new. Netanyahu has led a tireless campaign against the prospects of a deal, including an address before the U.S. Congress in March to hammer home Israel’s worries over Iran — whose […]

Iran deal historic mistake for the world: Netanyahu

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a nuclear deal concluded between major powers and Iran on Tuesday was “a historic mistake for the world.”   “In every area where it was supposed to prevent Iran attaining nuclear arms capability, there were huge compromises,” his office quoted him as saying at the start […]

Lapid Blames Netanyahu for Iran Nuclear Deal

Yesh Atid chairperson Yair Lapid launched a vitriolic attack against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, amid predictions of an Iran nuclear deal being reached later the same day.   In an interview with Army Radio, Lapid said, “the deal is indeed terrible and awful. If there is a failure – there is someone responsible for the failure: you […]

Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘Hypocrisy’ of flotilla participants only aides Hamas

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Defense Minster Moshe Ya’alon reacted Monday shortly after the Israeli military’s successful early morning interception of the Marianne av Göteborg, which sought to break Israel’s sea blockade of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu and Ya’alon congratulated Israeli security forces for completing the mission without incident.   Soon after the mission […]

Israel approves extending fortified fence on its Jordan border

He said the fence would help protect an Israeli airport due to open next year at Timna, 19 km (12 miles) from Eilat, and which has been billed as a wartime alternative should Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport come under rocket attack. “This is an important matter. It is part of our national security,” Netanyahu said. […]

UN to Netanyahu: Translate Your Words into Actions

The United Nations on Wednesday called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to translate into action his commitment to a two-state solution, Reuters reported.   During the recent election campaign in Israel, Netanyahu angered several Western leaders when he declared in a series of interviews he would do everything in his power to prevent the establishment of a […]