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Benjamin Netanyahu aide denies PM okayed return to ’67 lines in talks with Palestinians

An aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied on Friday a report in an Israeli tabloid which claimed that the premier had agreed in principle to an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 lines.   “The prime minister never agreed to a return to the ’67 lines, a partition of Jerusalem, and recognition of the right […]

Netanyahu’s secret peace offer concessions to Palestinians revealed

Agah, an Oxford professor who was born in Lebanon joined the Palestinian Liberation Organization as a youth and is considered one of Abbas’ closes affiliates, while Molco went on to serve as Israel’s leading peace negotiator alongside Tzipi Livni during the last bout of US-brokered peace talks. The document, penned after the talks took place […]

PM on Purim to BBC’s Persian service: Iranian regime carrying on in Haman’s tradition

The current Iranian regime is perpetuating the tradition of Haman from 2,500 years ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday – Purim – in an interview with the BBC’s Persian-language television news channel.   During the interview, conducted in English, Netanyahu said that Israel has always had great respect for the people of Iran, […]

Khamenei Hospitalized in Critical Condition

Just in time for Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrating the redemption of the Jewish people from plots of genocide in ancient Persia, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was reportedly hospitalized in critical condition on Wednesday.   According to Arab media reports cited by Israel Hayom, Khamenei was urgently brought to a hospital in Tehran […]

Benjamin Netanyahu responds to Obama: We did indeed present practical alternative to Iran deal

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Israel on Wednesday after his two-day trip to Washington saying that “many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the bad deal with Iran.” Apparently pushing back against those saying that there was no tactical alternative in his speech, Netanyahu said that he did indeed present […]

State Dept. Slams Netanyahu: ‘Overstated,’ ‘Oversimplification,’ ‘Scary’

The Obama administration’s response to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Iran speech Tuesday included some cutting criticism from State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who described his assertions variously as “rhetoric and nothing more,” “a little overstated and just not accurate,” “gross oversimplification” and “scary hypotheticals.” Harf also suggested some of Netanyahu’s claims belonged in “a […]

Netanyahu warns Congress: Deal will lead to Iranian nuclear bomb

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that a proposed agreement between world powers and Iran was “a bad deal” that would not stop Tehran from getting nuclear weapons — but would rather pave its way to getting lots of them and leave the Jewish State in grave peril.   In a dramatic address to […]

Obama says Netanyahu’s Iran speech contains ‘nothing new’

In a speech to the US Congress, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that a deal under discussion on Iran’s nuclear programme could “pave Iran’s path to the bomb” rather than block it.   But Mr Obama said Mr Netanyahu had offered no viable alternative.   Other senior Democrats – and Iran – also criticised Mr Netanyahu.   […]

Democrat Pelosi says Netanyahu’s Congress speech ‘an insult to the intelligence of the US’

Senior Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday as “an insult to the intelligence of the United States,” while a senior US official said  that the premier had contradicted himself during the address.   Netanyahu failed to offer an alternative in his speech to the US Congress on […]

Netanyahu’s ‘chutzpah’ rocks Capitol and riles Obama

Just as negotiations with Iran are at their most delicate stage, in comes Bibi to say the deal stinks. If you’re the president, that just doesn’t feel very kosher, so to speak.   After all, something quite extraordinary did unfold today. The Speaker of the House invited the Israeli prime minister to address Congress and […]