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In France, it’s dangerous to be a Jew

Baron Hirsch, who founded the school in 1901, named it after his son Lucien. He wanted to preserve the Jewish identity of the students, but had no idea that 115 years later, most of its alumni would be making aliyah to Israel. This is not only because of the Zionist education they received, but primarily […]

6 in 10 French people think Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism, survey finds

A total of 59 per cent of French people think members of the Jewish community are at least partially responsible for anti-Semitism, a survey conducted by the Fondation de Judaisme Français and Ipsos has suggested.   The foundation surveyed 1,005 people who “constituted a sample representative of the French population” online over nine days.   Respondents were […]

‘We are all Jews,’ Obama declares as world marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday warned of the growing threat of anti-Semitism, declaring that “any attack on any faith is an attack on all our faiths.”   Speaking at the Israeli embassy in Washington to honor non-Jews who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust, the president declared: “We are all indeed Jews.”   “Anti-Semitism […]

Angela Merkel opens Holocaust art show with warning on antisemitism

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has opened a major exhibition in Berlin featuring works by Jewish concentration camp prisoners, as she pledged to combat a feared rise in antisemitism in Germany linked to a record influx of refugees.   The show, Art from the Holocaust, brings together 100 works on loan from Israel’s Yad Vashem […]

‘European anti-Semitism has reached unprecedented levels’

Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett painted a dark picture of Jewish life in Europe on Sunday, telling the cabinet anti-Semitism on the Continent has reached an “unprecedented” level.   The minister briefs the government on such trends every year immediately prior to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which falls on Wednesday, January 27.   Jewish emigration […]

French Jews Fear a New Strain of ISIS-Inspired Anti-Semitism

It was the heavy leather-bound volume of the Torah he was carrying that shielded Benjamin Amsellem from the machete blows.   His attacker, a teenage fanatic who the police say was inspired by the Islamic State, was trying to decapitate Mr. Amsellem, a teacher at a local Jewish school. But Mr. Amsellem used the Torah […]

Right from wrong: Double taxation and anti-Semitism

Like a growing number of American ex-pats living in Israel, I have spent the past few years contemplating renouncing my US citizenship.   Contrary to popular belief among those familiar with my concern about where the country of my birth is headed, the dilemma with which I have been grappling has nothing to do with […]

German Jews ‘no longer safe’ due to anti-Semitism and ‘deteriorating security’

The leader of Hamberg’s Jewish community, Daniel Killy, told the Jerusalem Post: “We no longer feel safe here.”   He went on to explain how a combination of extreme right-wing forces, deteriorating security, and Germany welcoming of refugees brought up in cultures “steeped in hatred” for Jews were resulting in anti-Semitism.   Hamburg has a 2,500-strong Jewish population, and there […]

UK Police Chart Soaring Rates of Anti-Semitism

A total of 483 anti-Semitic crimes were committed up until November 2015, up from 299 crimes in the same period in 2014.Breitbart London has reported on rising anti-Semitic attacks in London during 2015 but this is the first time figures have been released to back what various media outlets once dismissed as a minor problem compared to so-called […]

Merkel calls on refugees to reject anti-Semitism

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged refugees arriving in Germany to embrace the country’s values and reject discrimination and anti-Semitism.   Speaking in the Jewish museum in Berlin on Wednesday, Merkel said the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants, many fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, was a great opportunity if Germany properly […]