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Both Sides in Battle for Aleppo, Syria Guilty of Repeated War Crimes

Both sides in Syria’s civil war committed repeated war crimes during the battle for Aleppo last year — indiscriminately killing men, women and children during months of “unrelenting violence,” a United Nations report said Wednesday. Airstrikes by the Syrian government and its Russian backers were responsible for “claiming hundreds of lives and reducing hospitals, schools […]

Obama doctrine’s death knell sounds as Aleppo falls to Bashar Assad loyalists

The fall of the rebel-held Syrian city of Aleppo to Russian- and Iranian-backed forces loyal to President Bashar Assad sounds the death knell for the outgoing Obama administration’s hands-off counterterrorism doctrine, analysts say. The final batches of anti-Assad fighters vacated formerly rebel-held areas of eastern Aleppo on Friday, officially bringing the city — which was […]

Syria conflict: Aleppo evacuations resume after 24-hour delay

Syrian state TV broadcast pictures of buses leaving the rebel enclave and entering a government-controlled area. A UN official also told Reuters news agency that the evacuation had resumed. Activists said 60 buses were stuck in the rebel enclave overnight, forcing 3,000 people to wait in freezing weather with little to eat or drink. Reasons […]

Trump condemns assassination of Russian ambassador

President-elect Donald Trump on Monday condemned the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, calling it a “violation of all rules of civilized order” and saying it was carried out by a “radical Islamic terrorist.” “Today we offer our condolences to the family and loved ones of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, who was assassinated […]

Aleppo evacuation: UN backs sending monitors

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution calling for UN officials and others to monitor the mass evacuations from rebel-held east Aleppo and the safety of civilians still there. Some 13,000 people have left the area since Thursday, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. The evacuation deal also includes government-held parts of […]

‘End the slaughter in Aleppo – bring back the Caliphate!’

As condemnation of the nearly six-year old civil war in Syria, in which roughly half a million people have died, becomes a cause celebre in recent weeks, with the ongoing battle for Aleppo drawing attention to the humanitarian crisis that has wracked the region since 2011, a group of Muslims in the UK gathered to […]

Russia threatens to veto new UN Syria resolution, Aleppo evacuations in doubt

Russia threatened Sunday to veto a U.N. resolution demanding immediate access to areas of Aleppo besieged by the Syrian government, while a shaky deal to evacuate thousands of trapped civilians was thrown into doubt again after militants burned buses involved in the rescue operation. The Aleppo evacuations were to have been part of a wider […]

Obama administration on defense over fall of Aleppo

The Obama administration is finding itself back on the defensive over its Syria policy as Aleppo falls to Bashar Assad’s government and civilians are evacuated, an operation preceded by desperate pleas from the city’s battered residents and reports of atrocities against them. Ambulances reportedly were carrying out the first groups of wounded and other residents […]

Aleppo: How the Syrian regime won the tragic, symbolic battle

“The battle for Aleppo will end this stalemate,” Syrian rebel commander Abdulkader Saleh told reporters at a news conference in Istanbul in September of 2012. “They [the Syrian regime] are bombing us with jets. We will solve this by destroying airports and air bases.”  The Syrian rebels were confident of success, seventy percent of Syria’s […]

Aleppo: Cease-Fire Deal Reached in Besieged Syrian City, Rebels Say

The bloody four-year siege of Aleppo appears to be nearing the end. A cease-fire agreement has been reached that would allow civilians and remaining rebel fighters trapped in the besieged Syrian city to evacuate, NBC confirmed Tuesday. Five buses will head into the enclave in the eastern section of the city to pick up the […]