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Texas Judge Dismisses Charge Against Pro-Life Investigator David Daleiden

In what is being hailed as a victory for the pro-life movement, on June 13, a Houston judge dismissed a misdemeanor charge of attempting to buy human organs against David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Daleiden secretly videotaped Planned Parenthood officials in Houston.   “This a real victory for the […]

South Carolina Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks

On Wednesday, South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley signed legislation that bans abortions after 20 weeks, with exceptions when the mother’s life is in jeopardy or if the doctor believes that the baby would not be able to survive outside of the womb. With this legislation, South Carolina became the 17th state to ban abortions […]

Protesters call for near-total ban on abortions in Poland

Anti-abortion groups have held marches across Poland in support of calls for a near-total ban on terminations in the staunchly Catholic country, where abortions are already heavily restricted.   The current law adopted in 1993 bans all terminations except in pregnancies that result from rape or incest, pose a health risk to the mother, or […]

Harvard Law Professor Says Pro-Life Christians Should be Treated Like Nazis

Every day, it seems, the United States is becoming a more hostile environment for people with pro-life and conservative positions. Abortion activists constantly challenge pro-life laws, stall abortion industry investigations, force religious objectors to pay for abortions and attack life-affirming resource organizations.   A recent article by Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet on the blog […]

Organization Exposes Abortion Pill ‘Lies’ As Obama Administration Expands Use

A new animated video is exposing what pro-life organization Live Action says are “lies” about the abortion pill procedure that essentially “starves a baby to death over a period of days.”   In March, abortion business Planned Parenthood celebrated the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to authorize expanded use of Mifepristone – also known […]

Clinton: Unborn children have no rights

In comments that are bound to be seized upon by her Republican rivals, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton declared unborn children “have no constitutional rights,” during a Sunday interview with Meet The Press.   Clinton was asked by host Chuck Todd, “When or if does an unborn child have constitutional rights?”, to which she responded:   “Under our […]

South Dakota Becomes 13th State To Ban Late-Term Abortions

South Dakota has become the 13th state to make the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act the law of the land.   The measure, which bans most abortions in the state after the fifth month of pregnancy, says it is “an Act to prohibit the abortion of an unborn child who is capable of experiencing pain and […]

Oklahoma Senator Introduces Bill to Criminalize Abortion as First-Degree Murder

In a move that is unprecedented nationwide, an Oklahoma Senator has introduced a bill that would criminalize abortion as first-degree murder. Sen. Joe Silk, R-Broken Bow, recently introduced S.B. 1118 which adds killing an unborn child to existing murder statutes. “No person shall perform or induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion after conception,” […]

Rep. Diane Black on Texas Abortion Case: ‘No Such Thing as a Safe Abortion’

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) spoke outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday in support of upholding  a 2013 Texas law requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital and for abortion facilities to meet ambulatory surgical center requirements.   “I ought to know something about women’s health, and I will tell you that there […]

Supreme Court Takes Up Texas Abortion Case

The U.S. Supreme Court today took up one of the most important abortion cases in decades, the first high-profile issue to be heard since Antonin Scalia’s death left the court with eight justices.   “The most momentous abortion case in a quarter century is thrown into turmoil by the prospect that the court won’t be […]