Ya’alon warns German defense minister of Iran’s Middle East meddling

Iran is intervening negatively in every conflict in the Middle East, and still strives to obtain nuclear weapons, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told the visiting German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen on Monday.
Speaking at a press conference at the ministry in Tel Aviv, Ya’alon said , “Ursula, this is the third time we meet. During our past two visits as well, we spoke at length about the complex situation in the Middle East. During our conversation a short while ago, significant issues linked to the region arose. On most of the issues, we see eye to eye.” The current chaotic period in the Middle East has seen the rise of a “rabble of extremist, relentless terror organizations that fight across the region, and are responsible, to our deep sorrow, for the killing of masses, including women, children, and the defenseless,” Ya’alon said.
“Some of these terror organizations receive, unfortunately, assistance from the Iranian regime, which stops at nothing to promote instability, and intervenes negatively in every conflict in the region. This is a regime that openly declares its will wipe Israel from the map, and strives to develop nuclear weapons that will threaten the peace of the entire world,” the defense minister warned.


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