World War 3: US Navy create aggressor squadron to ATTACK China and Russia

THE US NAVY submarine force is creating an aggressor squadron to attack China and Russia, as fears of an all-out war between the three superstates escalate.

Mr Richard said on Wednesday, while talking to the Naval Submarine League at its annual conference, the plan – named the Commander’s Intent for the US Submarine Force and Supporting Organisations – led to an overhaul of training for the attack submarine force.

He said: “We have restructured and retuned the fast attack training period to ensure that we’re ready for that high-end fight, including restructuring what we used to call the Tactical Readiness Evaluation, and it is now a Combat Readiness Evaluation to ensure we’re focused on warfighting.”

He added: “We’ve updated the deployment certification process to eliminate duplication, put the right focus in the right place.


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