Where Does America’s Newfound Enthusiasm for Socialism Come From?

Who ever imagined that the Democrat Party would move so far let that their main selling point would be “socialism”? With the leading candidate for Democrat nominee for president and the most influential junior member of the House declaring themselves “democratic socialists”—as if the modifier “democratic” was ever honored in socialist regimes—and most Democrat candidates for president supporting similar policies as the self-declared socialists, this is not President Clinton’s or even President Obama’s Democrat Party. The Democrat Party has not only congregated in far left field, but half of the party has also climbed over the fence.

According to a Rasmussen poll reported on 27 February 2020, “45% of Democrats have a favorable view of socialism.” Of all voters, “eighteen percent (18%) believe the individual has more power” than the government under socialism. (Breakdown by party is not specified, but it seems likely that most are Democrat.) According to a Pew poll reported on 25 June 2019, 65% of Democrats and voters who lean Democrat have a favorable attitude toward socialism.

How did this newfound love for socialism come about? Just as with a disease pandemic we search for the origin of the disease, so too with an ideological pandemic, we need to know the origin of this ideological transformation. As it turns out, the origin of our socialist epidemic is clear. According to Ned Ryun, “The Left’s long march through our educational system, which has resulted in deep dishonesty about socialism and Communism and indoctrinated generations with socialist ideas and a loathing of America, set the stage for Sanders.” Let us explore in more detail what happened in our universities and then in our schools.

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