What is the future of the Intelligent Design movement?

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What will the future be for the Intelligent Design movement following the death of Phillip E. Johnson, one of its best known proponents?

Last November, Johnson, author of the best-selling book, Darwin on Trial, and other anti-evolution works, died at age 79. The Christian Post has since interviewed Intelligent Design proponents, as well as critics, to discuss Johnson’s legacy and the current direction of the movement.

A longtime law professor at the University of California-Berkeley, Johnson was credited with helping to ignite the modern Intelligent Design movement through his books and debates.

The most notable of these was the aforementioned Darwin on Trial, first published in 1991 and written in response to atheist intellectual Richard Dawkins’ book, The Blind Watchmaker.

In 2003, the Christian news publication World magazine honored Johnson with its “Daniel of the Year” award, referring to him as a “courtly combatant.”

MORE: https://www.christianpost.com/news/what-is-the-future-of-the-intelligent-design-movement.html

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