Watch: ‘Christians can’t be on Temple Mount’

The guard can be seen in video from the incident telling her that the entire Mount is a “mosque,” and saying that all prayer is illegal for non-Muslims in the entire compound. He played a recording of her singing the Shema Yisrael prayer at the Mount two months ago, and said “we waited two months for you.”


Demanding to see her ring with Hebrew writing on it, he termed her a “born again believer,” and said “the only religious who can come here are Muslims, no Christians or Jews.”


The statement is a blatant violation of Israeli freedom of movement laws, not to mention the freedom of worship laws that the government has allowed the Waqf to breach for non-Muslims at the site. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently agreed to post video cameras on the Mount to help the Waqf ban Jews from exercising their right to pray at their holiest site.


Kiel later posted a video on her official Facebook page describing the encounter, which can be seen by clicking the image below.


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