A War Between Iran and Israel. It’s Only a Matter of Time

This is because while we have been debating, Iran has been acting. And Israel has been reacting.Israel has struck sites in Syria one hundred times in the last five years, bombing when it saw an Iranian effort to move high-tech materiel to Hezbollah in Lebanon.Last month Israel bombed the so-called Scientific Studies and Researchers Center in Masyaf, a city in central Syria, a military site where chemical weapons and precision bombs were said to be produced.Now, there are reports (such as this column by the top Israeli military analyst, Alex Fishman, in the newspaper Yediot Achronot ) that Iran is planning to build a military airfield near Damascus, where the IRGC (Revolutionary Guards) could build up their presence and operate.And that Iran and the Assad regime are negotiating over giving Iran its own naval pier in the port of Tartus.And that Iran may actually deploy a division of soldiers in Syria.Such developments would be unacceptable to Israel, and it will convey this message to Russia and to the United States. Russia’s defense minister will soon visit Israel, after which Israel’s defense minister will visit Washington.


Source: A War Between Iran and Israel. It’s Only a Matter of Time

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