US warns Beijing on South China Sea tensions

May 13, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

In a telephone call, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi the US had “strong concerns” over recent developments.


Last week, Chinese and Vietnamese ships clashed over the drilling rig that China has placed in waters near the disputed Paracel Islands.


China and Manila are also at odds over overlapping territorial claims. Beijing claims a U-shaped swathe of the South China Sea that covers areas other South East Asian nations say are their territory.

Read More: BBC News – US warns Beijing on South China Sea tensions.

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  1. Steven Terrell

    It is my conviction that the ten horns came together on December 31, 1992 with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. Twelve nations were part of the EU at that time, however, England and Denmark took opt outs from the treaty leaving ten to sign the treaty. Consequently, England and Denmark did not have the “one purpose” of the other ten. England had to withdraw from the treaty because England is the lion beast and cannot be part of the EU (the fourth beast). Brexit proves the point.It doesn’t matter how many nations are joined with the original ten, the ten who signed the treaty are the important ten. They will eventually give their power and authority to the Beast. Dan. 7:8 says the beast uproots three of the first horns, inferring there are other nations that are part of the union at this time along with the original ten nations.

    • Hello Steve,

      But the Lion (Great Britain) is part of the ten horned beast. Revelation 13:And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

  2. Constance Mitchell

    This Scripture is great for study with what is going on today. However it’s wise to direct our attn to who those 10 nations comprise… the Middle East comes into play if we are seriously discussing
    end time prophecy.
    The 10 nation confederate are Eastern European countries (which were a part of the Roman Empire.) Not Rome.

    If u chek Ezekiel and other Scriptures, u will discover all those 10 prophesised nations for God’s destruction are Muslim nations. They are named. Its plain as day.
    They are mostly formed awaiting God’s timing.
    You do the rest of the research.

  3. John Christopher Sunol

    I am starting to beleive that Putin is acting like an Anti Christ and it is possible he could be the Anti Christ, Putin comes out of a totalitarian regime namely the head of the KGB or Russian secret Service agency of the cold war era 1946-1991. He relays all the qualities an Anti Christ would need to have to be classified in this role.

  4. confused

    Austria has a black Eagle for it’s symbol. Does this Eagle also have meaning in end time prophecy fulfillments, and is this Eagle mentioned in the scriptures of the Bible?

    • Since we see the Eagle’s wings being plucked out of the Lion, we know from history that the US of America came from Great Britain. We also see that these same beast are in the one world government in Revelation 13:1-2, but the eagle’s wings are not there, but when we back up a chapter, we see those wings again, protecting Israel. There is no mention of the black eagle in Daniel or Revelation.

  5. fidel

    Pls post the discussions on the line for us here on this side of West sub sahara africa. We do not receive u on the radios pls we are very keen here to hear the answers. God bless u.

  6. L. Logan

    Anichrist is a spirit who denies the Father and Son relationship of God; antixristos, anti- in place of, against Christ. Simply John is saying he is a/the false Christ that Jesus spoke of who would come as the false Messiah who Jewish religious leaders accept, even accepting His name over that of Yeshua as the Meshiach, the “Anointed” One of God to RULE ISRAEL! How else could Israel survive as a nation as a JEWISH STATE under a SECURE AGREEMENT/COVENANT for a seven year treaty that he will violate when MUSLIM NATIONS MAKING UP 1/4 OF THE WORLD POPULATION PROTESTS ANIMAL SACRIFICE ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT!??! They, the Muslims dominate the UN world government body which is governed by a TEN MEMBERED EXECUTIVE SECURITY COUNCIL! FIVE ARE PERMANENT MEMBERS and TEN ARE ELECTED FOR “A SHORT TIME,” currently two years. How long will the member nations allow the BIG FIVE TO RETAIN “VETO POWER” OVER THE 193 MEMBER STATES!??! Scripturally the Beast gains FINANCIAL CONTROL THROUGH the mark, the NUMBER (666) or the NAME. Whoever is GIVEN THE POWER TO TAX and CONTROL ALL TRANSACTIONS WORLD WIDE so as one CANNOT BUY OR SELL WITHOUT one of the “3 brandings” of an individual as a follower of the Beast HAS UNPRECEDENTED POWER!!! Muslims embrace a JIZYAH TAX on non believers in an Islamic state. If you see in the EAGLES WINGS being PLUCKED OFF the LION’S BACK as the USA and the LION AS A SYMBOL OF BRITAIN/UK then THE DIVERSE 4TH BEAST WITH A LION’S MOUTH SPEAKS ENGLISH! It has become the language of “international commerce.” What happened to the EAGLES WINGS which you say was given the “heart of a man” (no longer the nature of a beast) and made to stand on his feet as a man, again you say he is UNCLE SAM; once he is plucked from being a “part” of a BRITAIN who is a MEMBER OF A TEN NATION ALLIANCE THAT HAS FINANCIAL POWER IN AN EXECUTIVE “SECURITY” COUNCIL/FEDERATION, the US has at a MINIMUM BEEN REMOVED FROM THE PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP OF THE COUNCIL but most likely THAT FIVE SEAT MEMBERSHIP WITH VETO POWER HAS BEEN TERMINATED; SOMETHING THE US WOULD OPPOSE UNWILLING TO SURRENDER IT’S SOVEREIGNTY TO!!! The BIS, BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT if it’s charter was dissolved and renewed under the NEW TEN MEMBER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL would exclude the US! We, the US could no longer veto antisemitic resolutions against Israel and Israel surrounded by Islamic nations would seek an agreement with the Beast especially if his FALSE PROPHET LIKE UNTO MOSES HELPED DECEIVE ISRAEL’S APOSTATE JEWISH LEADERSHIP, A HIGH PRIEST OVERCOME BY HIM, INTO SIGNING A PEACE AGREEMENT AND WHO DOES MIRACLES IN THE SIGHT OF THE BEAST! I agree the UN a socialist body is the forerunner of the Beast system but the US probably would not agree with it’s control and Israel WOULD NOW BE ISOLATED FROM AMERICA’S PROTECTION or the US has been devastated from a war or apocalyptic calamity of the end of the age and limited in what it can do especially if Israel agrees to “submit” to the unholy war and desolations against her by the nations as Daniel was told by the angel would happen until the CONSUMMATION? Sometimes the mystery of iniquity is “hidden” right under our nose in plain sight where it is waiting to be revealed in it’s time as God appoints. God has APPOINTED TIMES FOR ALL NATIONS AS PAUL DECLARED IN ACTS 17. He sets their boundaries and times. He has APPOINTED FEASTS and Christ HAS FULFILLED THE SPRING FEASTS FROM PASSOVER, UNLEAVENED BREAD, FIRSTFRUITS AND PENTECOST. Christ will soon FULFILL THE FALL FEASTS OF TRUMPETS, ATONEMENT AND TABERNACLES. I know it is but a SHORT TIME. Jesus said,BEHOLD I HAVE FORETOLD YOU ALL THINGS BE NOT DECEIVED! “Many in Israel” will be deceived but they are not of the Light!