UN, Obama, and Gates Are Globalizing Education Via Common Core

For over a year now, Americans have been up in arms over the Obama administration’s unconstitutional efforts to bribe and bludgeon state governments into surrendering control over K-12 education through the controversial so-called “Common Core” national standards — and the outrage is still growing. A peek beneath the surface,

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  1. L. Logan
    L. Logan says:

    I agree with Bro. Baxter that the US has long been one of the sole defenders of the Jewish people and the nation state of Israel. This is as he has long held the eagles wings that was “plucked off of the back” of the lion as being the US and being estalished as an “upright nation” (US) being given a “heart of a man” (humanitarian) and being made to “stand upright on it’s feet.” All the other BEASTS, (the BEAR, the LEOPARD, the LION) along with the humanitarian “nation with eagles wings” continue to the end of days as Daniel wrote in his prophecy! Britain was given a MANDATE over the land of PALESTINE, the Holy Land, by the League of Nations, a pre UN political body but FAILED after Arabic nations threatened war and a cutoff of oil! The UK complied and took an antizionist position even refusing to allow Jews to leave Germany and immigrate to Britain or return to “Palestine” when the Nazis and THEIR ARABIC ALLIES SAW THE OPPORTUNITY TO DESTROY THE JEWS. PALESTINE was a derisive name given to Judea by Romans meaning land of the Philistines. Jerusalem became Aelia Capitolina dedicated to the Roman god Zeus!!! European attitude toward the Jew has not changed much. The US upon seeing the HORRORS OF THE HOLOCAUST, broke with Britain and Churchill in particular who was not a zionist supporter but an Arab ally! America was the only real economic power after WWII. Europe and Asia were in ruins. The dollar became the world reserve currency. Again the globalist pushed for another world body to resolve the conflicts and restart the failing economies and gain control. The UN was infiltrated by these socialist regimes and the US began it’s cold war with Stalinist Soviet Union. The Russian body politic had long been authoritarian and ANTISEMITIC! Tsars, Caesars, Moscow- the third Rome embraced this old hatred in it’s rebirth of the socialist state USSR and much of Jewry supported it until it turned on Jews. As always many Jews simply assimilated into the political culture to survive. They had always done this. The Talmud is written by many of this assimilated Jewry and BABYLONIAN CULTURE!!! Christ warned His church of those who would try to assimilate them into the “SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!” This elitist cabal of Jewry still reject Christ and His church!!! They seek world dominion as if it is their right to rule over God’s heritage and destroy Christianity! Has God had a hand in the restoration of Israel? Yes most certainly. Are we to blindly condone all that the Zionist political leaders do or say? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Christ constantly warned of those Pharisaical leaders whom He derisively called HYPOCRITES, VIPERS AND WHITED SEPULCHERS FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, LIARS, SON’S OF SATAN WHO WERE CHIEF AMONG THOSE WHO CALLED FOR HIS CRUCIFIXION!!! They have passed their hatred down generation upon generation until God has been forced to allow the final generation to go through great tribulation and suffer many things of these false Jews and Gentiles of the synagogue of satan in order that the Jews will call upon their God and His Messiah! God has TWO WITNESSES defend the nation and proclaim Christ to take out a remnant, I believe the 144,000 which are taken to A PLACE PREPARED FOR THEM ON EAGLES WINGS. There is clear prophetic evidence why that the “King of the North BYPASSES Jordan and Sheba and Dedan (Arabia)as they protest him sweeping through the Beulah land where the PRINCE OF THE COVENANT is “overcome and/or supports him” and this king of fierce countenance ATTACKS Egypt, a US ally! The UN has given him power to exterminate the resisting Jews and remove the two witnesses as terrorists defying the new world order. It’s obvious those that are wise take their stand to speak truth not even loving their life even unto death; they are determined to preach Christ crucified and there is neither Jew nor Greek in His Kingdom! The 144,000 are the FIRST FRUITS OF “MEN” UNTO GOD! They appear with the Lamb on Mt. Zion and before the throne SINGING A SONG THEY ALONE CAN SING!(REV.14:1-4) and afterwards a GREAT MULTITUDE IS SEEN BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD SINGING, THE SONG OF MOSES AND OF THE LAMB. (REV.15:2-4) It should be noted the seven vials are poured out after this gathering before the throne and read with REV. 20:4 as these are said to be those having come out of Great tribulation and LIVE AND REIGN WITH CHRIST 1000 YEARS! This is the FIRST RESURRECTION!!! God’s people are not appointed unto the bowls of His wrath poured upon the nations sent by the UN against Jerusalem and Israel. It is my belief the US has withdrawn from this world body or no loger is capable or willing to join in the attack and war with Christ at Armeggedon. I fully support preparing our nation for the divinely appointed role to succor and suport the Messianic Jews who are the fulfillment of God’s purpose to defeat satan and establish the KINDGDOM OF GOD THROUGH CHRIST. THY KINGDOM COME. THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH; especially my nation whom one of our prophets T W BARNES, has said is one of the RIGHTEOUS ACTS OF GOD to fulfill His Word..

  2. Prof. Covenant David Livingstone
    Prof. Covenant David Livingstone says:

    It’s foolishness for well thinking organisations or individual to be grossly bias against a Country who’s origin is God the maker of the whole earth. Study their history if there’s another country that has such a history. America was founded by God and has no legal patience or indulgences to tolerate any system or institutions that are backing people that has no earthly historical tracing in Palestine except the modern day UN sponsored Arab invation. Human Rights body is totally confused and lack credibility to exist further. What it promotes is not Human Rights, but right denial and permission for anyone to destroy fellow man with merits.

  3. Gerry Victor
    Gerry Victor says:

    Having the veto power trying to restore sanity among the other members and apply logic where there is none only demonstrates that Satan dwells in their building. What kind of message would it send if the U.S. pulled out completely and issued an eviction notice to these criminals? That would be justice served for them to relocate to Germany or Brussels or even Rome. That would leave Israel in dire straits without our oversight so I shall let our Lord handle it. Looks like man continues to defy the odds!

  4. Andrew Swan
    Andrew Swan says:

    America will one day back away from the world seen. God never changes; He always has and always will protect His heritage. All God’s children are Israel! He will use the United States as the Eagle in the 12th chapter of Revelation, as He used Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to protect His people. During a time when the 144 thousand shall be carrying out the wrath of the Lamb, the US will bring to our land thousands upon thousands of Jews to feed them of the WORD of Truth, Jesus the Christ! for 1260 days; The Brides veil shall be lifted…

  5. Esther
    Esther says:

    We need to get out of the UN and stand strong WITH Israel; no option! Remember God’s words that will bring blessings or curses!!

  6. Rita
    Rita says:

    So are we supposed to support Israel no matter what wrong they do? There are reasons for these resolutions. However, the article above does not mention why the resolutions were passed. I found this article on Jerusalem Post (http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/UN-Human-Rights-Council-approves-call-for-arms-embargo-against-Israel-546953) which states the UK’s response, which sounds a bit more balanced to me:

    The UK said it opposed Agenda Item 7 and charged the UNHRC with bias against Israel. It voted against the resolutions on the Golan Heights and the one on accountability. The UK voted in favor of the resolutions on human rights and Palestinian self-determination. It abstained on the resolution on settlements due to its opposition to the UNHRC’s work to create a blacklist of companies doing business with Israeli settlements.

    “Our vote against the accountability resolution is not a vote against the importance of accountability and justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It is a vote against the Council’s disproportionate focus on Israel,” the UK representative said.

    “However, we must not lose sight of the deeply concerning situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” the representative added.

    “We continue to be alarmed by the treatment of Palestinian minors in Israeli military detention. We have also seen horrific terrorist violence against Israelis, which must be condemned in the strongest terms. All of this gravely undermines the viability of a two-state solution,” the UK representative said.

    “Therefore, today, the UK is voting in support of the self-determination and human rights resolutions. But the credibility and impact of these resolutions is repeatedly undermined by their being tabled under Item 7. This cannot continue,” the UK representative concluded.

  7. judy parker
    judy parker says:

    These are NOT “occupied” territories. They are legally Israeli territories. That is like saying California is “occupied”. The Palestinians need to be absorbed by the Arab states, who continue to use them as pawns in their propaganda. Israel absorbed Jews immediately when ejected from Arab nations. btw they kept their possessions.

  8. Richard Ansons
    Richard Ansons says:

    1 Thess.5:20 do not lightly esteem prophecies;
    :21 but prove all things, hold fast the right;

    Traduit avec Google.
    There are some interesting things in what you write although I see things differently about the place you give in the USA in God’s goal. May be should you make the comment shorter? Friendly Sugestion.

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