UN Boss Trusts Obama to Bypass Congress on “Climate” Agenda

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (shown) celebrated the Obama administration’s attempt to bypass Congress on imposing the controversial UN “climate” regime, an agreement to redistribute wealth and restrict energy inked by governments and dictators in Paris last year. But in the process, the UN chief inadvertently blew up Obama’s bizarre arguments for the illegal maneuver, which would cut the U.S. Senate out of the treaty-ratification process by using quack legalistic and semantic gimmicks. Ban also demanded gargantuan sums of money, described by top climate experts as a subsidy for kleptocracy. But despite the UN boss celebrating Obama’s imaginary “executive powers” to impose treaties, Congress, the courts, and the next president can still quash the whole agenda effortlessly.


Along with praising Obama, Ban celebrated the efforts of brutal Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, who partnered with Obama to forge the UN “climate” agreement. In essence, the pseudo-treaty, set to be formally signed at UN headquarters on “Earth Day” next week, purports to bind humanity to a UN-run climate regime that will get progressively more draconian, while redistributing trillions of dollars in Western taxpayer wealth to Third World governments and dictators. The UN scheme also calls for strict government limits on economic activity, especially in the West, under the guise of regulating carbon dioxide. The crucial gas, exhaled by humans, required by plants, and known to scientists as the gas of life, is ludicrously described by the UN and Obama as “pollution.”


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