UK Police Chart Soaring Rates of Anti-Semitism

December 28, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

A total of 483 anti-Semitic crimes were committed up until November 2015, up from 299 crimes in the same period in 2014.Breitbart London has reported on rising anti-Semitic attacks in London during 2015 but this is the first time figures have been released to back what various media outlets once dismissed as a minor problem compared to so-called Islamophobia.The London anti-Semitism experience also mirrors events in other capitals across Europe.Hotspots included Westminster in the heart of London where there was a 178 per cent rise, the inner Borough of Hackney where there were 122 crimes, Tower Hamlets which had a 100 per cent rise and Lambeth which had a 200 per cent increase.


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