U.S. Trade Representative Seeks to Expand and Empower NAFTA

Americans, beware — globalists in Congress and burrowed inside the Trump administration are plotting to double down on the economy-crushing, sovereignty-stealing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). At least, that is their plan, if they think Trump and the American people will let them get away with it.

Last month, after talking by phone with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts, President Donald Trump decided not to withdraw from NAFTA yet. Then, last week, the U.S. Trade Representative formally notified Congress that the administration intends to re-negotiate and “modernize” the controversial “free-trade” regime. It is being painted as a fulfillment of Trump’s campaign promises. However, all of the available evidence so far indicates that this portrayal is highly deceptive at best. Although Trump did not explicitly call for terminating NAFTA, he repeatedly expressed his anathema toward the agreement.

On the campaign trail, Trump slammed NAFTA as among the worst trade deals in the history of the world. “I’m going to rip up those trade deals,” Trump said on a campaign stop in Maine during the primary season. Separately, speaking on NAFTA in particular, he said it is “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, but certainly ever signed in this country.”

Before that, Trump indicated that he understood how much suffering the scheme had unleashed. “I see the carnage that NAFTA has caused, I see the carnage,” Trump said in early August in North Carolina. “It’s been horrible. I see upstate New York, I see North Carolina, but I see every state. You look at New England. New England got really whacked. New England got hit.”


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