U.S. tells China to remove missile systems in South China Sea

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Secretary of Defense Mattis warns Beijing to stop using ‘coercion or intimidation’ in the region

China has been warned by the United States to dismantle its missile systems shield deployed in the disputed Spratly Islands chain in the South China Sea.

The move, believed to be the first time Washington has directly addressed the issue, came in a statement following high-level talks at last week’s second annual US-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue.

Trade war tensions were expected to dominate the meetings in Washington.

But it was the military buildup in the South China Sea which was brought into sharp focus during discussions between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and their opposite numbers, Beijing’s leading diplomat Yang Jiechi and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe.

“The United States called on China to withdraw its missile systems from disputed features in the Spratly Islands, and reaffirmed that all countries should avoid addressing disputes through coercion or intimidation,” the US statement said.

SOURCE: http://www.atimes.com/article/us-tells-china-to-remove-missile-systems-in-south-china-sea/

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  1. May the most spiritual of the two showing the example
    as when washing the feet of the disciples
    by Jesus …
    What can only come from the United States Sir Matthis
    if this nation is truly Christian.
    God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud.