U.S. Participation in U.N. Rights Council Has Moved Focus From ‘Demonizing’ Israel

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National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Wednesday that the Obama administration’s participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council has moved its focus away from “demonizing” Israel, but a look at the resolutions passed by the Geneva-based body does not bear out that assertion.
In an address to the Center for a New American Security, Rice said President Obama had “made the controversial decision” to join the HRC – a reversal from his predecessor’s policy – “so we could lead in reforming that flawed institution from within…

Read More: Susan Rice Claims U.S. Participation in U.N. Rights Council Has Moved Focus From ‘Demonizing’ Israel | CNS News

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No Responses to “U.S. Participation in U.N. Rights Council Has Moved Focus From ‘Demonizing’ Israel”

  1. Steven Terrell

    When Revelation 13 says there will be a one world government, I am convinced it is referring to the known world of the writer of Scripture. I say this because there is to much scripture to the contrary. America is not part of a OWG. The little country of Jordan “escapes his hand.” The four beasts of Daniel 7 are seen as still as sovereign after the Battle of Armageddon (England, Russia, and the four nations of the Old Indian Empire of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar (old Burma). Another example: A world dictator would never allow a massive army to form to come against him at the Battle of Armageddon. I believe the A/C will only rule over the area of the Old Roman Empire, which Scripture calls “one fourth of the earth.”

  2. Donald Hauser

    I am in full agreement; The U.S. has been deeply involved with the Bilderbergers for many years. Thank God our dear President, Donald Trump, has seen the terrible dangers.