U.N. Envoy Says U.S. Still Backs Palestinian State

Twenty-four hours after President Trump swatted away at a broad international consensus on how to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, his United Nations envoy sought to assure the world on Thursday that his administration supports Palestinian statehood but wants a “thinking out of the box” approach.

“We absolutely support a two-state solution,” the American ambassador, Nikki R. Haley, said in answer to a question after a United Nations Security Council meeting devoted to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“But we are thinking out of the box as well, which is — what does it take to bring these two sides to the table, what do we need to have them agree on?” she said.

She said nothing about what that approach would be, nor did she go any further in revealing a coherent picture of United States policy on the conflict, one of the most intractable in the world.


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