TSA: Beefed up airport security could roil summer travel lines

Bomb blasts in Brussels two weeks ago have caused U.S. security officials to do a reassessment back home, meaning summer travelers will likely see a bigger police presence and more random searches before flying this year.


TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger told reporters Friday that the agency has significantly stepped up its visible presence after the Brussels blasts, just one effort to deter would-be copy cats from targeting U.S. airports and train stations.


“Visibility is a deterrent factor and it’s a disruptive factor too,” he said.


Neffenger happened to be on a plane pulling up to a gate at the Brussels airport right as the bombs went off. The TSA chief was safe but had to sit on the plane for more than two hours while officials processed the chaos and tragedy inside the building.


For U.S. passengers, security in the aftermath of the attacks doesn’t just mean more officers patrolling baggage claim. It will also mean more random bag checks, particularly for bigger luggage, and additional inspections of cars and taxis coming into the airport.


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