Trump says U.S. to exit landmark nuclear arms pact, Russia threatens retaliation

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President Donald Trump said Washington would withdraw from a landmark Cold War-era treaty that eliminated nuclear missiles from Europe because Russia was violating the pact, triggering a warning of retaliatory measures from Moscow.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, negotiated by then-President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, required elimination of short-range and intermediate-range nuclear and conventional missiles by both countries.

“Russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement so we’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out,” Trump told reporters on Saturday after a rally in Nevada.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Sunday that a unilateral withdrawal by the United States would be “very dangerous” and lead to a “military-technical” retaliation.

Gorbachev, now a frail 87-year-old, said it would be a mistake for Washington to quit the treaty, and it would undermine work he and U.S. counterparts did to end the Cold War Arms race.

“Do they really not understand in Washington what this could lead to?” Interfax news agency quoted Gorbachev as saying.


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20 Responses to “Trump says U.S. to exit landmark nuclear arms pact, Russia threatens retaliation”

  1. Sheryl C Salvato

    How did the not keep to their end of the barbain ? If there is evidence why is their braking the treaty & us pulling out a threat. I support Trump 100%. They are responsible. So we’re used supposed accept it ? No pull out of the deal. They think America is weak because we have been portrayed as weak. But we must muster up our Armed Forces. And be not afraid. But prepare

  2. Gary Frazier

    I’ve always wondered wether Russia was actually dismantling their nuclear weapons, or simply sending them somewhere else. I’ve also wondered why America has always been required to have less nuclear warheads than Russia.

  3. Brightedge1

    Putin has not been honoring the treaty for some time and that is the reason why Trump is threatening to pull out. Putin in this issue is siding with the globalists which is surprising considering how hard he has worked to get out from underneath them. He has encouraged the family kept much of the Islamic invasion out and encouraged Christianity. He has been playing
    both sides of the fence but then America continues to trade with China. China/Google is the main internet muscle behind for the credit score censorship model and the deplatforming of conservative and Christian websites. The real power is coming from the Rothchild’s and his hired help the Juncker Nazi dynasty Soros and this Antichrist Pope. When they start to push the Sunday Law watch out.
    We all are going to have to make a choice whether we join the NWO by complying with their AI beast system or not. Hiding and praying is not going to be enough. Resist the Devil and he shall flee.

    Antichrist pope. They are using the ignorant weaponized leftists organizations and nationalities as the muscle to threaten and intimidate Americans into compliance. If we go into condone or accept this beast system of AI control over speech reproduction and ideas then we will be signing on to it. Hiding and praying for protection will not be enough. Resist the devil and he will flee.

  4. Gary Frazier

    As far as I am concerned, this is long past due!
    I just wish I’d known what I’ve learned through the End of the Age telecasts, over the past six months, nine years ago.
    Back when Obama became president, my greatest fear was that his anti-Semitic policies would lead to the end of this country.

    America has made it through the Obama Administration’s policies and, true to what I’ve learned, we’re going to be here, to protect God’s people!

  5. Gary Frazier

    As far as I am concerned, this response is long past due! Obama, Clinton, as well as any other dim bulb (democrat), in the White House, would NEVER have elicited this response, because the DNC is loaded – chock full – of WIMPS!!
    Also, the treaty, prophesied, in the Word of God, that will lead to WWIII and the end of the age, is going to be occuring – Israel will either willingly or after being forced to do so by the United Nations, sign a peace treaty with Palestine and that will trigger the end of the age … the final seven years, leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, when He will destroy all the nations, attempting to force Israel out of the Promised Land.

    A lot of folks refuse to believe this will occur, but the Word of God prophesies it and, when it’s in that Book, it WILL happen!

    Also, not many people realize this, but the U.S. is also prophesied, protecting Israel, during the coming Great Tribulation.

    I don’t care what anyone says about this. The saying is, GOD SAID IT,
    I BELIEVE IT AND THAT SETTLES IT, is all I need to rely upon!

    Obama may have wanted to take America out of the equasion but he’s just as big a failure, for his Muslim buddies as he was for everyone else. This country ain’t goin’ nowhere!!

    • Cinton bribed N. Korea and, when he left office, they attempted to resurrect their nuclear weapons program. Bush, Jr. threatened military action, so they had to stand down until Obama (another democrat, with no back bone) came along.
      Now, the DNC seems to want everyone to believe Trump cannot handle N. Korea and his real problem is on the WIMP side of Congress, because the Democrats want to stall everything the good men, in the White House do, while hoping they will receive credit, when another wimpy president is elected.
      It’s been this way for years!! It won’t end until the Second Coming of the Lord, either. This is why I wonder how America will remain, through the Great Tribulation, to protect Israel. I hesitate to believe the democrats will allow America to do this.

  6. Joyce Bastin

    Love your magazines and
    your end of the age programs.
    I have been a born again Christian just about my whole life. Through the holy spirit your teachings have taught me so much. I live south of Nashville, TN and pray that you, Judy as and you staff will be in this area sometime soon. Thank you for allowing God to use your gift of teaching the good news and prophecy of Jesus so that others may find hope in Jesus…Gos Bless…

  7. I had a dream recently where my husband and I were in Heaven. Jesus met us at a opening of an auditorium of some kind. He was dressed in all white. In fact every thing we saw like walls, seats, etc. were all a bright white! Jesus motioned us to follow Him in the auditorium. My husband grappled my hand and almost ran now to where Jesus sat down. He sat down on a very low stage with beautiful burgundy curtains on the sides. A man came walking with a large stack of papers of some kind and walked to the side of the stage behind Jesus and started arranging the papers. Jesus had a very large stamp pad on his lap with a huge stamper. I was sitting right in front of Jesus. He stamped my forehead with the words, Enters Into or Enter Into. He then sat in front of my husband and stamped a picture of a mushroom cloud. Right after he did that there was a huge noise and then thousands of voices at the entrance of the auditorium. Jesus quickly stood up and walked calmly to the entrance. There was complete silence as he entered the crowd that had just arrived in heaven from the nuclear blast war. All of a sudden there was a lone voice of a man out of the crowd yelling, “You were my father, You were my father on earth! He entered the auditorium and pointed at the man who was organizing the papers behind Jesus when He was seated in front of me. The young man pointed at the man and cried, You were my father, You were my father on earth! The young man ran down to the stage where the man was, and the man walked to the side of the stage to meet him. They embraced and the boy says, You were my father on earth and now we have eternity to know each other! I woke up right after that! We are about to enter nuclear war soon and Christian’s are going to die also in it according to what Jesus said to us. He put it into writing on our foreheads which means it will come to pass. We all need to press into Jesus more every day. Tomorrow is never promised unless God says so. Blessings dear brothers and sisters, many will see Jesus soon and it will not be through rapture.

  8. robert langston

    “God sets up kingdoms, and God pulls down kingdoms”. So… what difference does it make. God has an end-time agenda and it will be accomplished. It has to happen somewhere and some time. The time is now, Nd the where is the European theater.

  9. Grandma Dorothy

    I’m past 80. I do have a foggy memory for dates but I do remember reading where Gorbachev said that the time would come when America would also be communist. That they would patiently infiltrate our government, medical facilities, schools, colleges, even our churches and we would be changed. Never did I think I would live to see the day that would happen but today I see it has very much happened but undercover of the names: Democrat, socialist, liberals, and Islamic’s.
    During this decade I have watched as evil has come from behind closed door and from out of the shadows and brought immorality to the streets and at the doors of churches and now, synagogues. If the Whole Armor of God was to be needed, then we sure better put it on now for evil has invaded man and all the streets of our country.
    I’m just thankful that God is in control for all power is His…

  10. Dennis R. Spinks

    Russia has been supporting Syria, who has been against Israel for years. Besides who is Russia anyway-they couldn’t keep their union together-they must think they can do what they want-without being held accountable. Great move by President Trump!

  11. Leslie Belden

    Why should we continue legitimizing an agreement that has been broken by a country famous for barbarity and treachery? If we continue to do so, it can change a bilateral contract into one that is unilateral, requiring us to abide by it even if they don’t. Yes, it’s dangerous to say the treaty is no longer in effect, but the truth is always dangerous to someone.

  12. Neither one nor the other are clean in this matter.
    Liars and hypocrites
    as Hitler and Stalin in their non-aggression pact were.
    Before going to war against each other.
    And both are religious-Presbyterian and Orthodox.
    And what to say to those who” worship “them?

    Ex 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    • How convenient-time-wise maybe !!! Amen ! to your comment Ansohn . although “worship” ? Naw…”takin’ in by” I’d say. Putin & President Trump AGAIN ? Ummm….I wonder if they will be continuing this after the election ? Unbelievable!!! Hope he doesn’t have the CHANCE for any more of this from ‘him’ !!!!

    • Of course, they are no gods. If youre familiar with bro. Baxter’s teachings and the bible, you know a nuclear war is imminent. So why be surprised if nuclear weapons treaties are eliminated? A one world leader will appear, and he will be worshiped. Pres. Trump is a hindrance to the NWO arising, so you see all the slander and attacks launched against him.
      Many times ‘I told you so” will only be believable to many, so it is.

      • “Of course, they are no gods”
        This is not quite right. Jesus said:
        John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
        :35 If he called *them* gods to whom the word of God came (and the scripture cannot be broken),….

        So we are “little gods” for our great God.

    • That’s right…Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to leave this nation open to allow demonic gods. Obama honored the USSC’s ruling that homosexuality is a right — neglecting what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob said and, had Hillary become president the USSC would be chock full of ungodly men and women, anxious to continue handing down unGodly rulings.
      He put Trump in that office, for several reasons and some of those have already been seen!