Trump, Netanyahu unveil plan for ‘two-state’ Israeli-Palestinian peace

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President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday unveiled what the president has called “the deal of the century” for a two-state peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Our proposal finds precise technical solutions to make Israelis, Palestinians and the region safer and much more prosperous. My vision presents a win-win opportunity for both sides, a realistic two-state solution,” Trump said at the White House, adding that Netanyahu had agreed to negotiations with the Palestinians.

The plan calls for the creation of a State of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem, and more than doubles the territory currently under Palestinian control.

But it also recognizes Israeli sovereignty over major settlement blocs in the West Bank, something to which the Palestinians will almost certainly object.

The Palestinians, in fact, rejected the proposal before its rollout, accusing Trump of being biased in favor of Israel as he has adopted policies that bolster Israel at their expense.


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18 Responses to “Trump, Netanyahu unveil plan for ‘two-state’ Israeli-Palestinian peace”

  1. Those pesky Ishmaelite’s.
    They should seriously revisit their history concerning their relationship with humanities Creator, the God of Israel…….

    But they don’t like that story,, they know the ending of that Book,
    so they wrote their own book, the Quran.

  2. Diana Parid

    It’s a peace plan but I don’t see that it’s THE peace plan yet. The anti Christ will confirm the covenant with many, if it’s talking about the blood covenant with Abraham and his descendants, this absolutely isn’t it. His plan honors the status quo of Jews not being allowed to pray on the temple mount. You can’t rebuild a temple if your not even allowed to say a prayer.

  3. So is Trump the son of perdition the one who will sit on the throne in Jerusalem and proclaim to be God.? A follow a guy on yt whose name is Leeland Jones and according to him Trump is the antichrist would like to get your views on this Pastor Baxter.

  4. I remember an elderly lady in our Sunday school class who prayed one morning and much of the prayer was spent on addressing Almighty God and all of His attributes and when she said “ You Who Have Dominion Over All Things” I thought to myself exactly! So it’s nice to know and be spiritually prepared but it’s not our’s to worry about. It will happen according to God’s plan whether we understand it or not:) We definitely have something to look forward to

    • Doug Norvell

      Jesus specifically told His disciples, concerning the Second Coming and the rapture in Mark 12:32, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” As a result of this verse, many people have concluded a post-tribulation rapture is not possible because we would be able to know the day of Jesus’ return if it, in fact, occurs after the tribulation. In spite of this, this argument does not affect a post-tribulation rapture.

      First, we understand Jesus was speaking directly to His disciples, which means this could have been specifically for His disciples at that time. Jesus said the Son, Himself, did not know the day of His own return. Does that still apply today? Does Jesus, the all-knowing God, still question when He will return and gather His church? Of course not, which gives us reason to believe this verse was applying only to the disciples. There are other examples of prophecies being kept from those it was told to in Daniel 12:9 and Acts 1:7.

      Secondly, Paul spoke germanely to this subject in 1Thessalonians 5. In the fourth verse Paul tells the church of Thessalonica, “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” This was in reference to the day of the Lord which pertains to the Second Coming of Jesus and the rapture. Paul stated, those in the light will not be caught off guard by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

      Finally, Daniel 12:11-12 gives us additional days spanning beyond the 1,260 days of the tribulation. These expansion of days, the 1,290 and the 1,335, are accompanied with no details which leaves us handicapped. What exactly happens during that time? We can only speculate since we are not given a concrete answer in the Scriptures. This may prevent us from knowing the exact day of the Second Coming and the rapture but we will definitely be aware of a close approximate time because we are not in the darkness.

  5. Rev. James Porter

    The only “person” who will make a peace deal with these two enemies is the antichrist. The antichrist has the power coming from satan so unless President Trump is he,then no peace deal will come of this.

  6. It’s obvious their not happy with any compromises except to have it all or nothing else will satisfy that regime. Jerusalem belongs to Israel for the creator gave it to them as the promise land. Salome

  7. Victor F. Andrews

    Today’s Democrat Party and the Palestinians are very much alike, neither want what the claim, and both have deep political agenda’s. With America’s Democrat Leadership, and the Palestine’s it is about ‘Political Victory’ at any cost, and for the annihilation of their sworn enemies. Neither will rest, neither will be satisfied until they get EVERYTHING they want. My advice to the Trump Administration is to IGNORE them both. Ignore the Democrats and keep making American great! Ignore the Palestinians and keep making Israel great! The day that we allow victory for either the Democrats or Palestinians, will be the day that opens up the prophesied “Great Day” of the Lord!

    • Kevin Kelly

      Well then if that’s what it’s going to take for the Lord s return……..IM ALL IN! There’s nothing in this world that I’m glued to…..except my wife of 24 yrs. ,together we will see the end!

  8. Other pastors disagree, that if one bit of land in Israel is given away, God will close the doors. Swaggarts for one, as he has a Jewish pastor there too that is adamant against this treaty as it stands. He is not the only one who disagrees with you. Daniel 8:23 Ez38:14