Transferring Powers to Eurasian Union Does Not Harm Sovereignty

May 30, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

The move by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to transfer powers to the bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU), currently being created, does not entail any harm to national sovereignty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.


“The transfer of certain powers to national bodies of the Union brings absolutely no harm to the sovereignty of our states,” Putin said during the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session in the Kazakh capital Astana.


“The treaty has an epochal and historic meaning, opening the broadest perspectives for developing economies and increasing prosperity of our countries’ citizens,” Putin said.

Read More: Transferring Powers to Eurasian Union Does Not Harm Sovereignty – Putin | World | RIA Novosti.

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2 Responses to “Transferring Powers to Eurasian Union Does Not Harm Sovereignty”

  1. L. Logan

    Have you ever been speaking to someone about a scripture passage and suddenly they exclaim, OH, look at that beautiful home…!?! LOL You realize you were not being heard or listened to. Jesus had a similar circumstance as related in Luke’s gospel chapter 21.
    He had been observing the rich toss their “spare change” into the temple treasury intended for it’s upkeep and ministry to the poor, widows and orphans. Jesus saw this elderly poor widow woman throw her “mite” into the treasury and knowing her heart, knew she had given of her sustenance in SACRIFICIAL GIVING. Her giving was not to get her name inscribed or glorified in some wing or stone like the rich had done. She was giving her all so that in some small way others like herself could benefit. Jesus said of her she has given more than they all. The “disciples” reaction must have angered Him because Verse 5- And when some spoke of the temple and how it was ADORNED WITH GOODLY STONES and “GIFTS,” He said, AS FOR THESE THINGS WHICH “YE BEHOLD,” THE DAYS WILL COME IN WHICH NOT ONE STONE SHALL BE LEFT UPON ANOTHER THAT SHALL NOT BE THROWN DOWN!” All of the temple complex had been enlarged by Herod and rich elitists religious sects who extracted taxes and monies from the poor, widows and orphans. Gentile proselytes were extorted from converting their “foreign monies and gifts” at the hands of the MONEY EXCHANGERS whom the priesthood appointed to convert the money to the REQUIRED SHEKEL COINAGE. Herod had the publican TAX COLLECTORS EXTORTING TRIBUTE TO PAY ROME and lavish his court with mansions and palaces. The Idumean usurper suppressed the Jews working hand in hand with Roman legions to maintain the vassal state rule of Rome. The rich and elitist Pharisees were complicit with this iron fisted rule when any revolted and refused to pay their taxes. Jesus was in truth rebuking what they WERE BEHOLDING and TAKING PRIDE IN. His honoring of the widow woman’s giving was being ignored for the admiration and envy they had for the rich which He clearly declared how difficult it was for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. Judea was not free of Gentile rule. Herod Antipas was “king” because Rome allowed him to rule subject to the Roman emperor and Senate. Many think Israel has attained sovereign statehood and the “times of the Gentiles has been fulfilled.” Israel exists as a state because the world community, the UN led by the Americans “recognizes” them as a state. MANY nations continue to RAGE AGAINST ISRAEL and wars and desolations have been fought over WHOSE LAND IT IS! If God had not raised up the “land spreading with wings” and God not given the US leaders a heart of a man to allow the Jews return and right to exist as a sovereign state after world war II, Israel would have perished. The Beast will make a “firm covenant” with the Israeli government, a Zionist leadership many who do not live there but only crave the power of a USURPER and ROMAN RULER and Israel’s old foes descended from Esau, Ishmael and Egypt. Israel’s greatest enemy isn’t so much those outside her borders as those FALSE JEWS who live within! They are rich elitist international banksters who will betray their brethren and who still hate the Son of God she birthed 2000 years ago and will soon birth again in a remnant just as Rev. 12 prophesies. They see themselves as having a RIGHT TO BE THE HEAD AND ALL OTHERS THE TAIL, INCLUDING THE JEWS! The ICC will see Messianic Jews brought before it to condemn them to die and divide the land for gain. Jews will betray their believing sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. Jerusalem the Holy City spiritually called Sodom and Egypt will submit to Gentile courts and leaders as they trample the city for 42 months. Sodom it is said persecuted, tortured and murdered sojourners in it’s city court. Lot’s authority as a judge at the gate was nullified when the mob demanded he give up the two angels he had in his home. Egypt murdered Israel’s children and enslaved them beating them which thing Moses intervened in and was exiled for. The Jews had among them a mixed multitude, murmurers and complainers who rebelled against Moses. Jesus foretold them, You shall be brought before rulers, kings and into synagogues for MY NAME’S SAKE and you shall be hated of ALL NATIONS. As Daniel was told WAR, DESOLATIONS and indignities ARE DETERMINED UNTIL THE END. Some men’s hearts will fail because iniquity,LAWLESSNESS and INJUSTICE will prevail, and abound but GRACE WILL MUCH MORE ABOUND. Some will be wise speaking in the Spirit what they should say when they are taken before the WORLD COURT. THEY WHO LOVE NOT THEIR LIFE EVEN UNTO DEATH LOOK FOR A CITY WHERE GOD TABERNACLES IN CHRIST AND THERE IS NO TEMPLE. They care not for dead mausoleums ADORNED WITH STONES and RICH HEADSTONES WHERE DEAD MEN’S BONE LIES. THEIR DEAD BODIES WILL BE CAST OUT INTO THE STREETS SUCH AS WILL BE FOR THE TWO WITNESSES. NO COURT WILL ORDER THEY BE BURIED BUT FOR SOME THEY DO NOT NEED A BURIAL PLACE AS THE ORDER COMES FROM ON HIGH, ARISE! COME UP HITHER!!!