Theresa May Secretly Be Considering a New Brexit Referendum

Nothing surprises any more in the chaotic mess that is Brexit.

Amid a crisis in confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, and calls for her to resign, she continues to fight for a Brexit deal, which will, nearly three years after the initial vote, finally extricate the United Kingdom from the European Union. All options are on the table, including one, which May has previously said would threaten the “social cohesion” of the U.K: May and advisors are said to have secretly “war gamed” the possibility of another Brexit referendum.

Currently, May is said to be close to offering the Labour Party a comprehensive but temporary “customs arrangement,” which would theoretically last until the next general election. After that election, the winning party could decide on a more permanent arrangement with the EU.

Reportedly, the new referendum idea will only come into play if the ongoing talks with the Labour Party break down and no deal can be reached. But many in the Labour Party have said they will back no deal going forward unless the issue is put back to the public in a referendum. More than a hundred Labour MPs have signed a letter that they would not back a Tory/Labour deal unless it was put to the people in a new referendum.