Syrian Archbishop Warns Christians ‘Could Disappear’

April 30, 2015   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

Jeanbart’s secretary almost died in 2012 “when a bomb exploded near the archbishop’s residence.” He lost an eye in the attack. Jeanbart and his driver were almost kidnapped in Beirut, but they “escaped when a military convoy happened to pass by, prompting the assailants to flee.”


The archbishop told Crux there were 170,000 Christians in Aleppo before the war, but they “may be around 100,000, maybe less” as of publication. He does not know if those who left will come back. The Easter attack scared everyone into thinking Aleppo will be the next Mosul. He refers to Syria as the “country of blood and fire.” Aid to the Church in Need brought Jeanbart to America following the Easter attack. He told an audience in Manhattan the Christians “are in grave danger” and “may disappear soon.” From Religion News:


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