Syria situation disintegrating

The senior IDF official said Hezbollah has increased the number of troops it has in Syria from some 5,000 to about 6,000-8,000 fighters.

According to credible reports, over a 100 fighters were killed over the past two weeks, and were buried in secret in Lebanon. Reports on the total number of Hezbollah casualties in Syria vary, from anywhere between 700 to 2,000 fighters.

The IDF official said Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s frequent speeches are indicative of the great pressure the organization is under and the embarrassment it suffers within Lebanon over the price Hezbollah pays as the “defender of Syria.”

Israel received reports that Hezbollah was nervous of the large-scale exercise held by the IDF across Israel over the past week. While it made no efforts to calm Hezbollah, Israel signaled to the international community that it is not currently interested in attacking its northern neighbors, despite the fact the strategic situation in the north has become favorable for Israel following the collapse of the Assad army and the blow Hezbollah has suffered.


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