Six-Year-Old School Children Instructed to Write Gay Love Letters to Make Them ‘Accepting of Diversity’

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A video published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) showing 6-year-old school children being instructed to write gay love letters has been causing a stir on social media.

The video, originally uploaded to BBC Radio Manchester’s Facebook page, shows young children at Bewsey Lodge Primary School being instructed to write love letters from “Prince Henry” to his manservant, “Thomas”, with the teacher instructing her pupils: “You’re going to tell Thomas why it’s a brilliant idea for him to marry you.”

“This school teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age,” enthuses the BBC’s subtitled commentary.

“This class of six-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairytale, the Prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter.”

The teacher, named as Sarah Hopson, tells the BBC that the children “are going to go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that at a young age as well”.

She explains that “the more they can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them.”

Many social media users were highly critical of Hopson and Bewsey Lodge, however, accusing them of pushing lessons which are not age-appropriate.


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24 Responses to “Six-Year-Old School Children Instructed to Write Gay Love Letters to Make Them ‘Accepting of Diversity’”

  1. I mentioned this to a friend, who is Jewish, democratically inclined and, to talk with her, progressive.
    Her response was that it is good to show schoolchildren that acceptance of homosexuality is right.
    Bear in mind that this woman is a retired educator, herself, and she, like just about ALL the dim bulbs (democrats) hailed the “victory,” when the USSC handed down the edicted, allowing same-sex marriage.

    This woman has been attending a weekly biblestudy, but she disagrees, when you show her the scripture, detailing the sin of homosexuality, sin of murder (abortion), etc.
    Her response is, “That was THEN, this is NOW!”
    She has read the Holy Bible from cover to cover, once, and still refuses to accept anything that the DNC isn’t supportive of.

    When the U.S. school systems begin to allow small children to write these type letters, you can rest assured, the woman I’ve mentioned, will, wholeheartedly, support it.


  2. Sam Michell

    ok this is really sick stuff, kids that age sgould not be writing anything to do with love letters especially that confusing gay rubbish, SHAME ON THIS SCHOOL!!!! repent of this evil and turn back to God, because he will not forgive u if u don’t and if u don’t well guess where u’ll be headed HELL!

  3. Pastor Harry C. Wigmore, III

    Children writing love letters to gay people in the UK. People, if you do not repent of this wickedness; lake of fire will be extremely HOT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vennessia Rodas

      I believe that it is the parents responsibility to teach their children about what’s right and wrong and about Jesus as Savior and Lord. It is so important that they teach their children because as you can see if they don’t someone else will teach them what they want them to know. You see Satan don’t care how old your child is…the earlier the better.

  4. Gray Frazier

    I have had a, twelve-year, ongoing, conversation, with a retired educator, who is Jewish (and pro-democrat, to boot) about things, such as this.
    First of all, this woman is 70-ish and single. She is not sexually active, but demands that humans are born gay (her explanation is, “There are millions and millions of gays, so they must have been born that way.”
    I reply, “There are also millions of liars and the Sixth Commandment demands we not do so.

    This same woman refuses to believe that Irvin Baxter is stating any more than his own opinion, demanding that everyone is allowed his/her opinion of the Word of God.
    To that, I reply, “There is but one Holy Spirit and He won’t tell you one thing, regarding the Truth and tell me something else.
    She refuses to accept that, though.

    Our main disagreement, however, is about Barrack Obama.
    She demands he was a good president – she still believes his healthcare plan was “good for America,” — I’ll just wait until she sees that plan disentegrate before her very eyes.
    When I challenged her to show me “one, single, solitary thing” he had done for Israel, she demanded, “Oh, you know what he did!”
    To which I retorted. “YUP! NOTHING!!”

    The main thing is this: When Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, most of the Jewish people rallied behind him…SHE DID NOT!
    She is adamant that the East Bank was stolen from Palestine by the Jews and, try as I might, I am unable to convince her that ALL of Israel was given Abraham by the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  5. This world has gone crazy! Satan is firmly in control of the air as per his earthly title. Please Christ come back and save us from his evil influence it has become pervasive and all encompassing.
    Amen in Christ’s holy name I ask these things

  6. velma hadley

    Thank you for telling the truth, investigating your sources & letting ‘us’ your readers be informed of what is happening,. Sad state of affairs. LGBT among the issues of distaste & serious concern for our future/for our children education process.
    The “good old days” maybe were good!!

  7. Amazing how purely evil the world is becoming day after day. We now have these satanic worshiping people proclaiming to be teachers and teaching perversion and sexual mental illness to children. Of course, when you look closely at ALL the people in politics and government, you can see this is normal operating procedure. We, as a world of people, have lost our minds and the ability to think critically. Sad.

  8. Amy Wallis

    She will have to answer to Almighty God for teaching these precious children the opposite of Gods heart for society. I pray she finds a place of repentance and quickly before she finds herself eternally separated from Him.

  9. Andre Ermoci

    it is written, it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and cast yourself into the sea than to lead one of these little ones astray! Eternity has both heaven and hell. Choose wisely.

  10. Wandakate

    Well this is a really tough one, and I am a Christian (not a perfect one however),, but a believer nonetheless and have been since I was around 7 yrs. old.
    Since things of this nature are happening ALL around us, and there seems to be NO end to it, as bad as I don’t like what she’s doing b/c I know that JESUS does NOT approve of this type of lifestyle, I will have to say that she is in a sense of the word CORRECT !!!
    This is all around the world, and especially in the UK…I see these people everywhere and some of them flaunt their diversity. They aren’t and haven’t been hiding it anymore since it ALL came OUT of the closet years ago and has only multiplied since…
    IF today’s children even at that age don’t understand what it is then what? They can’t be isolated from the facts, and the facts seem to be that this is what is happening whether we like if and accept it or not. NO I don’t like it, NO I don’t agree with it but I will have to tolerate it b/c it is what it is…From elementary school on it’s going to be something that they will see more and more of. Same sex people everywhere. I’ve even already this year seen this on television, and it will become more wide spread as time goes on, more in 2019 than in 2018 and more in 2020 than in 2019.
    It may NOT be the norm yet but the TRUTH of it is that it is ALL factual…We will have “SIN” on the earth until JESUS returns.

  11. This pierces my heart and enrages me both, at the same time. After being molested as a very young boy by an older neighbor boy & too confused to even understand it & afraid to speak out due to my fathers alcoholism, I buried it. Then I was kidnapped as a teenager when giving a guy directions who stopped me and convinced me to go with him to so he wouldn’t get lost again. After a few drinks of the coke he offered me, within perhaps 8 minutes I was aware that I was going out. I was awakened by police car lights where he had left me, next to a pool of my own blood. I was so destroyed that I knew nothing sexually except confusion & my only sexual identity was gay sex acts, and was all I knew to feel comfortable with. I lived many years convinced that I must be what my molesters saw in me, gave up and just accepted the horrible lie for several years. Still to this day, I can only live a celibate existence virtually alone. I have to crucify all sexual thoughts & images. To watch now & see how satan is seeking after our innocent children to destroy their hopes, dreams & steal God’s destiny and complete purpose & fulfillment, makes me so mad that I could spit. I used to be able to reach some gay men I would run into out in public that God would lead me to, or cause our paths to cross. I had a few that seemed a little offended when hearing me say that I too used to be in the Gay lifestyle and knew that God had led me out of it, and wanted more for me & my life. Now, thanks to satan’s advanced time schedule & getting Hollywood, People like Gaga, & Degeneress (Sp?) & Media Left to Celebrate their LGBTQ identity and defy us “Haters”, it is so much harder to reach even 1/3rd of the ones I/We talk to, and so they Immediately Shut Down. God Loves them just as much as The Woman brought to Jesus by the proud religious crowd, but refused to condemn her, but instead admonished her & told her “Go & Sin no more”. After reading in the Bible about homosexuality as a new Christian at 18, I assumed that God must’ve made a mistake and told a few of my new Christian friends I was sorry, and although I had left the gay lifestyle I realized that I would have to leave. I told them I knew that God and the Life that He wanted for people to have was the only way I should ever have lived & was going to devote the rest of my life trying to help everyone I could find that & try to win them to Christ. I was the youngest in the group, so several of them immediately explained that “Of Course God has a master plan, a purpose, calling & hope for all of us, but that my sin was no different than even a person who might have lived their entire life and only told 1 single lie or refused to forgive just one person, or gossiped to hurt someone else. No big sin & little sin. Just “For ALL have Sinned & fallen short”, and that God would never Leave me nor forsake me for ever falling short or missing the mark. We have all got to Love ALL Sinners, ALL those who are Lost, and never judge or call anyone queer, or derogatory, hurtful names. We have Got to Pray & Intercede as Never Before as the days & times grow ever darker still. As if they were “Our Own Child, Sister, Brother or Loved one”. God is so Merciful, Good & Kind. Let’s Love and Reach the Lost as if our very Lives depended on it! Love “IS” the Answer. The Love of Jesus & Him Crucified for us & Them.


    This evil should not be pushed on kids to mold their minds into perversion. Young Kids don’t know any better, they believe whatever you teach their little minds. They thinks it’s okay and not against God. Teach them to love and pray for all kinds of people. We are truly living in the last day “Men will be lovers of themselves.” People like Homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, etc., is an abomination to God, our Father in Heaven, Holy is His name, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Amen

  13. Sharon Allen

    On the first page of your requiring of name & E-mail, I noticed in other’s news, you have Obama’s first & last name all in caps, but our President Trump’s name was not. I wish to know why????

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Sharon,

      I do not know why President Obama’s name is in all caps and President Trump’s name is not. But, I do not believe it to be intentionally done for any reason.

  14. peter dorian

    If people think is equality they are mentally ill or Marxist paedophile dictators. This is obviously grooming . So the paedophiles increase there child molestation options. Thank God there is a hell. And I can’t wait until God flush’s this filthy sick world. Bring on Armagedon.