Seven Bank to use facial recognition

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Seven Bank will equip its ATMs with facial recognition technology, possibly starting this fall, as a way to identify customers and let people open bank accounts on the spot, sources said Monday.

The new ATM operated by Seven Bank, a unit of retailer Seven & I Holdings Co., would be able to confirm the identity of someone wanting to set up a bank account in a few seconds by scanning a photo ID and taking a picture through a high-precision camera, they said.

At present, a person needs to send a copy of an identification document, such as a driver’s license, to open a bank account.

Seven Bank is also considering offering services to open accounts via the new ATMs for other online banks and regional banks, they said.

Seven Bank has over 24,000 ATMs at convenience stores, public facilities and elsewhere nationwide. Several thousand of the new ATMs are expected to be installed by summer 2020 in large cities, they said.


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One Response to “Seven Bank to use facial recognition”

  1. Lynn Hopkins

    I think many will be as the days of Noe, standing outside the Ark in Aw and realizing they just never made the effort to find Wisdom from God and his followers like Dr. Irvin and his son and staff and followers. We urge and try to provide the subtle shove to Christ and Salvation in Him. MAYBE WE should be getting ready to avoid the Mark of The Beast ASAP and get prepared to avoid having to use money and credit cards. Getting harder to be hoarding and being invisible to Society and the One World Empire of modern ROME! The only option is to do as the Desciples and be open and vocal about our embracing our Lord Christ and his Father and the Holy Spirit, even to our death and danger!