SCOTUS Has ‘No Business Redefining Marriage’

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He also explained that the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage as being between one man and one woman will never change because it is defined by God Himself in the Bible and that the Scripture “begins with marriage and ends with marriage,” in reference to not only man and woman but also the relationship between Christ and His Church.


At the March for Marriage on Saturday in Washington, D.C., asked Archbp. Lori, “The Supreme Court is having oral arguments coming up and a decision will be coming down in June on this — what is it going to look like for you and the Church if that decision favors same-sex marriage?”


Archbp. Lori said, “Let’s hope and pray that they will, that the Supreme Court will recognize that they have no business redefining marriage, that really when you take, when you redefine marriage as many people want to do today it becomes more a relationship of affection, an emotional relationship.”


“Government should have no interest in that,” he said.  “Friendships between people should not be of any particular interest to the government — bringing children into the world and having good homes for them and new citizens, that’s something they should be interested in.”


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