School snubs Christianity in ‘be Muslim’ assignment

A high-school writing assignment requiring students to put themselves in the shoes of a Muslim and describe the “struggles” they face living in America has set off a firestorm of complaints.


Al Mollerskov, district superintendent for Union Grove Schools in Union Grove, Wisconsin, told WND he received nearly 50 calls from irate people all over the country after the story was reported Wednesday on Fox News and many conservative websites.


The 10th-grade world history assignment asked students the following, according to the teacher’s own account of the assignment emailed to a local radio host:


–Pretend you are:
1. Muslim male/female in U.S.
2. Give 3 examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face.
3. Again, 5 paragraphs (intro, 3 body paragraphs, closing.)
**Keep in mind we’ve been doing work and watching documentaries that have the facts needed to write the essay.


“I feel the purpose of the assignment is to show prejudices toward Muslims in America or to invent them or exaggerate them,” one angry parent told EAGnews.


WND asked the superintendent if the school has given a writing assignment asking students to put themselves in the place of Christians living in a Muslim-majority country such as Iraq or Syria. No such assignment was given, Mollerskov said.


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