Saudis to persuade Russia to surrender Assad?

Lavrov and Putin used to emphasize that they do not hold on to Assad. Do you think that surrendering Assad to Saudis is possible?


They really push us to it now. But I don’t think that Kremlin is ready to surrender him at once, falling under an open military blackmail.


Don’t you have such a feeling that the West and the Saudi Arabia don’t need to combat the Islamic State? If they wished, they could bring troops and end with these 20,000 fighters.


It is evident that noone wants to fight with the IS. The Saudi Arabia may be the only exception, as it may face the IS expansion to its sacred places. However, about 80% of the Saudi population share the IS ideology, and just oppose the methods used to tackle military and political problems.


The IS was orchestrated as a so-called ‘Ukraine’ for Iran, a constant headache. But it became a headache for the Saudis as well.


Nobody tries to blow the oil companies the IS uses, to reduce its funds. Moreover, only a quarter of the Alliance aviation flights hit the targets. In three other cases planes return with complete ammunition allowance.


The Islamic State is an adversary of the Saudi Arabia, not the US. So, we can benefit from this revival and unite with the interested parties who really want to compete with the IS. Does Russia weave any plans here?


The results of Lavrov’s negotiations in Qatar, Doha show that Russia does not give up its position.


What is more, we are more close partners with the Saudi Arabia than the US is. And the Saudis want to entice our armed forces there.


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