Sam’s Club is opening a store with no cashiers or registers

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  • Walmart-owned Sam’s Club is opening its own version of Amazon Go next month. It’s called Sam’s Club Now and is located in Dallas.
  • The store has no registers, checkout lines, or cashiers.Customers must scan and pay for items using the Sam’s Club Now app.
  • The app saves customers’ shopping lists, helps them navigate the store, and automatically eliminates scanned items from their lists as they shop.

Sam’s Club is opening a futuristic new store in Dallas, Texas, without registers, checkout lines, or cashiers.

The store, called Sam’s Club Now, is about a quarter the size of a regular Sam’s Club warehouse and will serve as a testing ground for new technologies, including self-service returns, digital price tags, and Scan & Go, which lets shoppers check out using a smartphone.

“This club is going to be unlike any other club we have in our portfolio,” Sam’s Club president and CEO John Furner said on a call with reporters.


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2 Responses to “Sam’s Club is opening a store with no cashiers or registers”

  1. This already exists in my country.At a small scale.
    And it is under study for Hypermarkets.
    In this case I do not know who is the monkey who imitates the man …Usa or Ue?
    Artificial Intelligence Robotization.
    “Man-machine” for work , sex and also the false church.
    Beware of “digital gospel” which is not one.
    But although “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay.” Daniel 2 v43