Real ID in Oklahoma: One more extension needed to comply with 14-year-old legislation

It’s taking awhile — and yet another deadline extension from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — but officials say Oklahoma eventually will be Real ID compliant.

Do you remember Real ID?

It’s something the commission that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S. decided was needed after discovering that the 19 hijackers involved had obtained 30 driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs among them. One of them had four IDs from three states. Five others had duplicates of the same ID.

So, in 2005, Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed legislation requiring new ID verification standards and procedures for people flying on commercial airlines, entering certain federal buildings and facilities, or traveling from countries for which a passport is not required. Millions of dollars in federal grants were authorized to help states comply.

In theory, state compliance was voluntary, but opting out promised massive headaches.

Now, 14 years later, Oklahoma is one of four states yet to comply. Officials say the state will be compliant by next spring, but there is one small complication: Oklahoma’s current deadline extension expires on Oct. 10.


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  1. Marilyn Pope
    Marilyn Pope says:

    Re: Real ID. I’m very concerned about this whole thing. I would never knowingly take the mark. However, if the state is requiring we apply for the Real ID to be able and drive and other things does this means that I have taken the mark? As an example….dogs being microchipped. Thank you

    • Doug Norvell
      Doug Norvell says:

      Hello Marilyn,

      While the information used in the Real ID, could be used in the “Mark” system. The Mark of the Beast, will not be issued until sometime within the last 3 1/2 years. After the Antichrist is revealed and begins to establish his World Government System. Even then we will have the chance to deny the mark. Revelation 20:4 tells us that John saw those who were killed because they would not take the Mark of worship the beast. When we get to that point, that’s when we will have to refuse the Mark.

  2. Ron Thomas
    Ron Thomas says:

    I listened intently to your expository regarding -Where we are on Gods time line. I could not agree more with your analysis until minute 54.59. According to how the post tribulation perspective is presented I will be hard pressed to pass a Quik-Trip sanwich on the way up as having some honorable mention regarding the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. My guess is 10 Bridesmaids waiting the Grooms return (5-with and 5 without oil) is misplaced Bible rhetoric.

    As we both love the Lord, is there in this late hour yet , no room for watchman projecting a pre-trib scenario. As we hold 1 Thess 4. 13-18 close to our heart I read an indication of a 2 phase rapture event as potientially occuring which I have never heard anyone give reference to in my 72 years of life. V15 and V17 the word- REMAIN- appears. As this section of Scripture focuses on the resurrection of all -grace age- Saints first, then those which remain are translated- could there be an interim of time between these two miraculous extractions.

    Rev 20,4 mentions those beheaded for their faith in Christ. In that verse it is said they live with Christ 1,000 years. (but not longer) I believe this verse is with regard to masses which have missed both the rapture of the dead and those living have been translated which happens before the start of 7 year tribulation period. They have not accepted the mark of the Beast but however have not excericised saving faith as an -elect- must. (For by grace ye are saved by faith.) Saving Faith does NOT require a rapture event to get World attention.

    Only after the rapture do we see mirades of worlds people interested in Christ, escaping the fires of hell.
    In conclusion, your point concerning timing of when the 7 year accord is signed, late this Fall could be right on. It also lays weight to the idea that November 1 celebrates -all saints day- which was established in early church history and is not demonic in nature. This would be an epic time for celebrating the dead in Christ, being removed, while us who REMAIN are further tested for our true level and quality of faithfulness to our Lord. Hopefully we could both agree that sometime there-after with World having much attention on Christian sect and while mans vision is still not spiritually impaired, in year 20/20 the World would witness Rapture of the Church sold as ET extraction, attraction and detraction.

    But please consider, all this mumbling comes from one who claims Babylon the Great is the USA

    Repectfully Submitted, Ron Thomas


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