Putin blames US for Paris attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly suggested that November’s terrorist attacks in Paris might never have happened if the US had “listened” to officials who opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Putin made the suggestion during an interview with German newspaper Bild. His comments about the US and Iraq appear in an English translation on the Kremlin’s website, but not in an English translation provided by Bild.


Here’s the exchange as recorded on the Kremlin’s site (emphasis added):


Question: There is a theory saying that there are two Mr. Putins: the first one was young pre-2007 Mr. Putin who showed solidarity with the United States and who was friends with Mr Schroeder, and then, after 2007, another Mr. Putin came. Back in 2000 you said, “We should have no confrontations in Europe, we should do everything to overcome them.” And now we have found ourselves in such confrontation.


May I ask you a straightforward question? When we are going to have the first Mr. Putin back?


Putin: I have never changed. First, I still feel young today. I was and I continue to be Mr Schroeder’s friend. Nothing has changed.


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