Public Still Unsure on Biometrics

Despite the use of biometrics continuing to hit the headlines with companies like Barclays opting to introduce technology such as voice recognition and fingerprint reading to strengthen account security, it appears people are still on the fence about whether to embrace biometric systems or not.


That’s according to new research by independent consultant Jessica Barker, who quizzed 1000 members of the public to gauge their stance on biometrics. Whilst 35.5% of respondents said they would consider using biometric systems instead of passwords to access their internet accounts, 28.7% stated they would avoid doing so as they do not trust them, with more than a fifth also admitting they do not understand how biometrics work and so would opt not to use them. Interestingly, just 12.9% of the sample said they already use biometrics.


“I think on one hand people are fed up with passwords and want an alternative solution which would be easier to manage and more convenient,” Barker told Infosecurity. “At the same time, people are familiar with passwords – their pros and cons – whereas biometrics are much more of an unknown. A lot of people either don’t trust biometric systems or don’t understand them (or both).


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