Pope Faces Crisis of Credibility Over Coverup Accusations

Pope Francis says he will not say one word in response to explosive allegations from a retired Vatican official claiming the pontiff covered up sexual abuse and should resign.

Talking to reporters on board the papal plane returning to Rome from Dublin, the Pope dismissively said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganos testimony speaks for itself and he urged people to read the material carefully and judge for themselves.

Coupled with the devastating allegations of sex abuse and cover-up in a recent Pennsylvania grand jury report — which found that 300 priests had abused more than 1,000 children over 70 years in six dioceses — the scandal has led to calls for heads to roll and for a full Vatican investigation into who knew what and when about McCarrick.

I will not say one word: Pope Francis stays silent over claims he covered up sex abuse

In the 11-page memo – released on Sunday during the Popes trip to Ireland – the former Vatican ambassador to the United States says he warned Francis about allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse by former Archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick.

Pope refuses to confirm or deny that he knew about sex abuse allegations

The document was an unprecedented broadside against a pope from a senior figure inside the Church and included a long list of US and Vatican officials of being told about McCarricks behaviour.

Since McCarricks resignation, another man has come forward to say he began molesting him starting when he was 11, and several former seminarians have said McCarrick abused and harassed them when they were in seminary.

SOURCE: http://ukdaynews.biz/world/2018/08/27/382967-pope-faces-crisis-of-credibility-over-coverup-accusations.html 


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