Poll: College students want Green New Deal, Medicare for All, socialism

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One in three college students say it’s just fine with them to “shout down” campus speakers with whom they disagree, according to a new poll.

And that attitude makes 61% of college conservatives afraid to express their own deeply held views.

The results come from the fifth annual national survey of college students released by the William F. Buckley Jr. Program and Yale. It was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, which interviewed 802 students under age 25 at four-year private and public universities.

It asked for opinions on free speech, the Constitution, Social Security, debt, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and U.S. president candidates.

In short, Democratic students like Bernie Sanders, and 80% of college Republicans support President Trump.

Only about one-third expect they will get any money from Social Security, and three of five say they want free college.

They like the Green New Deal – the extreme environmental bill forecast to cost taxpayers trillions of dollars – by a 2-1 margin and Medicare for All by 3-1.

Socialism beats capitalism 37-30.

Program spokeswoman Lauren Noble said the results are concerning, because they show “diminishing intellectual diversity on college campuses.”

MORE: https://www.wnd.com/2019/10/poll-college-students-want-green-new-deal-medicare-socialism/

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