Parliament of World’s Religions to meet in Salt Lake City in 2015

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For the second time in a little more than a decade, Salt Lake City will host people from many nationalities and religions throughout the world.

Read More: Parliament of World’s Religions to meet in Salt Lake City in 2015 | Deseret News.

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29 Responses to “Parliament of World’s Religions to meet in Salt Lake City in 2015”

  1. Blake White

    Methodist Global Board of Church & Society is not interested in this perspective. Their “assumption” is that we are doomed without government mandates to run our lives. Gov’t is the solution not a Jesus-Connected life.

  2. James Fogle

    I’m an average citizen who reads about this global warming/climate change stuff, but I’m not worried because I know its a worldwide hoax! I will admit it got pretty hot this year, but I’ve also read… “As of right now, NOAA is predicting a 70 percent chance of El Niño conditions developing in the northern hemisphere during winter 2018-2019. Typically, an El Niño event means a colder and wetter winter across the southern United States.” Boy am I welcoming a good log blizzard in Southwestern Oklahoma! However, as far as the wildfires in California and Greece go, this may just be the hand of God moving in the endtimes. Not climate change.

  3. I was an administrative employee for 40 years in a large Federal agency containing many science professionals. Whenever there was a discussion about “global warming” and later “climate change”, I would always ask the science professionals the following questions.
    1. What caused any of the several glacier producing ice ages on our planet? The science professionals would answer “Global Cooling”. 2.What caused the these glaciers to melt? The science professionals would answer “Global Warming”.
    3. I would ask, when in the history of our planet was climate not changing? The science professionals never provided an answer of any time period when our planet’s climate was not changing to cooler or warmer and also, wasn’t later reversed. I suggest everyone ask those questions whenever the opportunity is provided. You will be surprised how well it reduces the conversation to basic, understandable language and simple observations.

  4. Carolyn McIntyre

    I’m so confused because there have been so many failed predictions of the rapture too. I feel like I am in limbo the last few years of what to believe ..its so frustrating.

  5. D. E. Bohler

    aboute 3 years ago I beleive the Lord showed me all events such as storms typoons earthquakes floods tidal waves water spouts all types of down drafts low lighting hurricans sink holes ect.would go to a new level of entensety starting in 2021.

    • And this is just the beginning of the festivities, the “aperitif”
      Jer13:12 And thou shalt speak unto them this word: Thus saith Jehovah, the God of Israel, Every skin shall be filled with wine…

  6. Alan Simpsona

    Natural Co2 production is 95% while man’s contribution is 5% do you think it would make that much differance to world warming? When the world warms up Co2 goes up, reaction not the cause, Scientists can’t prove otherwise.

  7. There are no more blind people than those who do not want to see.
    It’s the facts that matter, not the arguments.
    The material riches will not serve you anything and will make you lose your soul if you are attached to it.
    Rev 11v18 has already begun.
    Liars and greed will be confused.

    1 Tim 6:10…For the love of money is [the] root of every evil; which some having aspired after, have wandered from the faith, and pierced themselves with many sorrows.
    6:11 But *thou*, O man of God, flee these things

  8. Deplorable Me

    Let’s see.. volcano first.. Environmentalist set fire intentionally in California. (Bet you the Republican neighbor was targeted). Solar panels create heat.. windmills circulate heat in Texas..If you want to stop carbon monoxide in the air ,Quit Breathing..I bet you Gore dumped road salt on the ice to push the agenda..

  9. Kenneth Boyd

    There is NO such thing as permanent climate change . If this were the case , then the Antarctica Ice Sheet would shrink every year , it doesn’t. One year it shrinks , the next two or three , it grows !
    Then also , the temperature would continually rise . It also , doesn’t .
    The climatologists make the environment do as they want it to, then when things don’t pan out , they say , ” Oh , the time for this event is not yet , it COULD happen in the next century or two . When they are long dead and won’t have to answer any rebuttals !

  10. Leonard Rhoden, Sr.

    Lets forget the guesswork of men and what they say about our planet. Scientists have only scratched the surface concerning all of God’s creations. Lets put our faith and trust in what God says or doesnt say. Do you think God would have mentionedl something about a clamity like global warming in His word to us?

    • It is possible, to read for example

      Rev7:16 They shall not hunger any more, neither shall they thirst any more, nor shall the sun at all fall on them, nor any burning heat;