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UN, Obama, and Gates Are Globalizing Education Via Common Core

For over a year now, Americans have been up in arms over the Obama administration’s unconstitutional efforts to bribe and bludgeon state governments into surrendering control over K-12 education through the controversial so-called “Common Core” national standards — and the outrage is still growing. A peek beneath the surface, Read More: UN, Obama, and Gates […]

Ukraine and the EU: History is Not Destiny

Whichever way the conflict with Russia over Ukraine turns, it has proved once more how important European unity and resolve are when faced with an aggressive external challenge. Capitals remain important, as the first response to the Ukraine crisis by the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland showed. But subsequent events made it clear […]

Russia Is Ousted From Group of 8

The United States and its closest allies on Monday cast Russia out of the Group of 8 industrialized democracies, their most exclusive club, to punish President Vladimir V. Putin for his lightning annexation of Crimea, while threatening tougher sanctions if he escalates aggression against Ukraine.   President Obama and the leaders of Canada, Japan and […]

Pope Promise To Promote Inter-Faith Dialogue

President Goodluck Jonathan at the Vatican City conferred with Pope Francis I on the promotion of inter-faith dialogue in Nigeria and other parts of the world to foster greater global peace and security.   Speaking to journalists after his private meeting with Pope Francis, President Jonathan said that the promotion of inter-faith dialogue was a cause […]

President Obama Prepares to Meet the People’s Pope

President Barack Obama meets with Pope Francis in Vatican City and, with his poll numbers, probably hopes some of the pontiff’s popularity will rub off on him before he leaves. “I’m a great admirer,” Obama tells Francis Read More: President Obama Prepares to Meet the People’s Pope |

Obama secretly negotiating away U.S. sovereignty

Consumer protections and the use of domestic law in the U.S. may drastically change as President Obama forges ahead with two secretive international deals that impact major aspects of the economy, privacy and beyond. Read More: Obama secretly negotiating away U.S. sovereignty.

iTBN – Praise the Lord – Mar 24, 2014

Dallas, TX Matt and Laurie Crouch host Perry Stone, Bill Cloud, Irvin Baxter from Endtime Ministries, Bill Salus from Prophecy Depot Ministries, Pastor Mark Biltz from El Shaddai Ministries and music by Cindy Ratcliff. Here is a link to the entire show: iTBN – Praise the Lord – Mar 24, 2014.