Prophecy in the News

Liberal groups angry with SC pols over order to teach Constitution

The South Carolina legislature has rankled liberal groups after requiring that a pair of public schools use state funds to teach the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents — on the heels of a budget fight over gay-themed books in the curriculum.   State House lawmakers previously had cut funds from two public universities in […]

Secret state: Trevor Paglen documents the hidden world of governmental surveillance, from drone bases to “black sites”

As anyone who has worked there knows, Kabul is a tough place, redeemed by the charm of the people and the abundance of cheap taxis. But Trevor Paglen had trouble finding a taxi driver willing and able to take him where he wanted to go: north-east out of the city along an old back road […]

Rep. Price: Obama ‘Deceitful’ on Border Security

( – President Obama was “being deceitful” when he told the American people in 2011 that the U.S. border is secure, Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) told “Fox News Sunday.”   “The American people understand and appreciate, given the events over the past couple of weeks, that the president was being deceitful with the American people […]

Top Palestinian negotiator rips into ‘discredited, useless’ Abbas

eaked audio recording of chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat harshly criticizing PA President Mahmoud Abbas over his reluctance to pursue Israel in the international arena exposed severe fissures within the Palestinian leadership regarding how best to engage Israel following the collapse of US-brokered negotiations in April, and showed profound disdain by Erekat for his president. Read More: Top […]

I Watched a Guy Get a Chip Implanted in His Hand, and It Wasn’t Even That Weird

At Vancouver’s recent From Now conference, biohacker Amal Graafstra gave a talk on the future of self-modification to around 100 fairly straight-laced attendees. As if the future of tech implants wasn’t eye-opening enough, Graafstra finished the talk by personally implanting conference organizer Nik Badminton with an electronic tag, to the shock and awe of the whole crowd. I won’t lie, watching Graafstra, the CEO of​, implant a tag in Badminton’s […]

Iraq crisis: Baghdad prepares for the worst as Islamist militants vow to capture the capital

Iraq is breaking up. The Kurds have taken the northern oil city of Kirkuk that they have long claimed as their capital. Sunni fundamentalist fighters vow to capture Baghdad and the Shia holy cities further south. Read More: Iraq crisis: Baghdad prepares for the worst as Islamist militants vow to capture the capital – Middle […]

Danish Churches Forced to Perform Same-sex Marriages

The nation of Denmark has voted to force churches in the established Evangelical Lutheran Church to perform same-sex “marriage” ceremonies inside their sanctuaries, although one-third of all the denomination’s priests say they will not participate in such rituals. Danish parliament voted by an overwhelming 85-24 margin to compel churches to carry out unions for same-sex […]

Turkey Dries Up the Euphrates

The Syrian civil war has once more taken a dire turn for the worse. Turkey has altered its strategy against its opponents, the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Instead of simply aiding the Syrian rebels, Turkey is now also killing them with dehydration. The problem is, this brutal act threatens the lives of millions […]