Prophecy in the News

Human-induced global warming a big ‘hoax’

It’s my favorite time of year. Global-warming scientists are digging themselves out of arctic ice flows just in time to warn the rest of the world, which is recovering from another record-breaking winter, that they are here to save the day. Read More: Letter: Human-induced global warming a big ‘hoax’ | FLORIDA TODAY |

Putin Reclaims Crimea for Russia

President Vladimir V. Putin reclaimed Crimea as a part of Russia on Tuesday, reversing what he described as a historic injustice inflicted by the Soviet Union 60 years ago and brushing aside international condemnation that could leave Russia isolated for years to come.   In an emotional address steeped in years of resentment and bitterness […]

Global Summits to Watch in 2014

Global attention in 2014 will at times focus less on high politics than on high sport. All eyes will be on the Sochi Winter Olympics (February 7-23) and Brazil’s World Cup (June 12-July 13). Read More: Global Summits to Watch in 2014 – Council of Councils.

The Biggest Revelations Are Yet to Come

Edward Snowden on Tuesday said the biggest revelations have yet to come out of the estimated 1.7 million documents he acquired from the National Security Agency.   In a surprise appearance via satellite robot at the 2014 TED conference in Vancouver, Snowden said there is still a lot of reporting to be done, including diving […]

‘Allah Will Gather Israelis So We Can Kill’

A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official appeared on PA TV on Wednesday, where he called Israelis “an advanced instrument of evil,” claiming “Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.” Read More: PA: ‘Allah Will Gather Israelis So We Can Kill’ – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

Global warming will cause widespread conflict

Climate change will displace hundreds of millions of people by the end of this century, increasing the risk of violent conflict and wiping trillions of dollars off the global economy, a forthcoming UN report will warn.   The second of three publications by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, due to be made public […]

Israel says it might not carry out 4th Palestinian prisoner release

JERUSALEM – Israel told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday it might not carry out a final stage of a Palestinian prisoner release unless he commits to prolonging peace talks beyond a US-set April deadline for a deal. Read More: Israel says it might not carry out 4th Palestinian prisoner release | JPost | Israel […]

Crimea, the West Bank and the rule of international law

The ethnic Russian population constitutes approximately 56 percent of the population of Crimea, with Ukrainians making up a further 24 %. The Palestinian population of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip constitute over 90% of the population, with the Jewish settler population making up less than 10%. Read More: Borderline views: Crimea, the West […]