Obama plot to betray Israel at UN detected

As America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, it is argued that the president’s scheme would make Israel extremely vulnerable to its neighboring enemies intent on its destruction.


The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) describes the president’s anticipated act of betrayal as “unthinkable” and would like for him to change course and act as a true leader.


“In times of crisis, real leaders lead — they can read the mood of the people and the needs of the time, and they rise to the occasion,” ACLJ’s Skip Ash asserts. “Winston Churchill was just such a leader. He rallied the British people in the darkest days of WWII with his ‘We shall fight on the beaches … We shall never surrender’ speech. President George W. Bush did the same for the American people in the dark days following 9/11. The Nation needed rallying, and W rallied us all as he stood with first responders at Ground Zero and announced that an aroused Nation was coming after those who had attacked U.S. soil!”


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