‘Obama Folded Following Bibi’s Speech’

Israel is pleased with the compromise reached Tuesday between Congress and the White House regarding congressional review of the deal that is being worked out with Iran regarding its nuclear weapons program, said Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz Wednesday.


According to Israel Hayom, Steinitz sees Israeli diplomacy as being responsible for Obama’s “folding” in the face of congressional pressure on the matter.


“We are certainly pleased this morning,” said the minister, who is one of the people closest to Netanyahu. “This achievement is an achievement for Israel’s diplomacy, which was brought about by the Prime Minister’s speech in Congress in early March.”


“Netanyahu’s speech was very decisive and important,” he added, “in the achievement of the bill that was agreed yesterday in Congress. The bill is very important in the effort to prevent the powers from signing a very bad deal with Iran about its nuclear program. If it does not prevent a bad deal, it will at least achieve some changes for the better in any agreement that is crafted.”


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