New Zealand Proposes Radical Abortion Law

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Lawmakers in New Zealand are looking to pass radical pro-abortion legislation that would virtually allow abortion on demand until birth with few restrictions and would create “safe spaces” outside of abortion clinics to protect women from pro-life advocates.

The New York Times notes that abortion is technically illegal in New Zealand under the 1961 Crimes Act, but has been widely available to women who make the required claims about risks to their physical or mental health. But legislation proposed by Justice Minister Andrew Little would make some radical changes to existing abortion law, including removing abortion from the Crimes Act and treating it as a health issue.

Last October, New Zealand’s Law Commission released a report entitled “Alternative Approaches to Abortion Law” at Little’s request. The report recommended three alternatives to New Zealand’s existing law: abortion on demand without restriction, abortion on demand with some restrictions, or abortion on demand until 22 weeks, with exceptions made for abortions after 22 weeks. Little’s legislation appears to have opted for the third alternative with just a slight change. If his law is successful, abortion will be made on demand for the first 20 weeks and will continue to be on demand after 20 weeks with some restrictions.

Under current New Zealand law, women may obtain abortions up to 20 weeks so long as they receive approval from two doctors and counseling. The proposed measure would legalize abortions up to 20 weeks on demand, without the requirement of a referral and the approval of two certifying consultants. Additionally, while counselling must continue to be offered to women seeking abortions, it would be non-mandatory.


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8 Responses to “New Zealand Proposes Radical Abortion Law”

  1. I would not want to be in any of their shoes on judgement day. God is going to get all who murder all these precious babies. If they didn’t make it so costly for people to adopt they would be more babies with loving parents. My granddaughter can’t have kids, but can’t afford to adopt and she would make a great mother to a lot of little ones. I pray for all these little one who are jerked out of the mothers womb and don’t have a chance at life her on this earth. I know they are with Jesus when they kill them. I will see them all one day. God send revival to this ole world is my prayer.

  2. Song Lyrics/”Run On”by Elvis Presley: (Bill Gates and Harvard scientists want to stop “global warming” by depositing man-made dust particles in space; abortion usurping God’s authority) “You may throw your rock and hide your hand/Working in the dark against your fellow man/ As sure as God made the day and the night/What you do in the dark will be brought to the light/You may run and hide,slip and slide/Trying to take the mote from your neighbor’s eyes/As sure as God made the rich and poor/ you gonna reap just what you sow/ /Well you may run on for a long time/run on for a long time/run on for a long time/Let me tell you god almighty gonna cut you down. ” GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED FOREVER.

  3. Michael

    Certainly not all but sadly the majority are using abortion as a contraceptive at least in North America and Europe and I’m sorry but whoever is doing it for those reasons makes and those that defend that makes them selfish pigs. Better education around the globe is needed.

  4. John McDonald

    Has anyone contacted pro-life legislators in New Zealand, suggesting that ALL lawmakers be required to study abortion, possibly seeing video presentation of an abortion in progress and the fact that a fetus with function, heartbeat, nerve reaction, ect is actually a living CHILD as yet unborn, but still a viable living human? This might persuade enough people to vote against such an aberrant law !

  5. David Valero-Coggins

    Radical and horrible! To begin with, abortion is horrible! Recently I watched a speaker, a doctor, who admitted to performing abortions, thousands of abortions, for many years. One day he stopped. He explained the procedure that he performed. He told the audience that he had to account for all of the body parts, so as, not to leave any part of the baby in the mother’s womb as a precaution against infection. There, on the tray were body parts. An arm. A leg. The head. The torso, etc. The doctor didn’t leave anything out from his description of the procedure. He wanted people to know what these doctors were doing day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. He wanted men and women, especially women to know that, in most cases, these doctors were killing fully formed human beings. These were living, thriving, babies. Thriving individuals. It is clear to anyone who watches and listens to this doctor’s presentation what is going on in clinics and doctor’s offices all over the “civilized” world. These people who legislate murder and these people who perform the task will burn in the Lake of Fire if they never repent of these horrible crimes. I pray for the babies. I pray for the mothers. I pray for the doctors and the legislators. We live in terrible times!

  6. rick doninger

    Mr Carhart, You may be doing YOUR gods will, but it is NOT the God of the Bible. It is NOT the God of all Creation who sent His only Son to die for all our sins. It is NOT the God that is LOVE. It is NOT the God who created each of the innocent children that you have so arrogantly killed. If you think it is you are very wrong. You sir have been deceived by YOUR god. The TRUE Living God of the Universe hates the shedding of innocent blood, He hates what you are doing the end of those who join in your deception is clearly explained if you do not repent of your heartless actions. This warning is for you! God said “Warn them!” The shedding of innocent blood must stop if we as a people are to escape God’s Judgement.
    To those of us who call ourselves Christians, we cannot continue to be silent while witnessing such blatant rebellion to what God says is wrong. We cannot do what some churches did as Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race. Those attending churches within earshot of the trains carrying innocent Jews to the death camps chose to muffle the sounds of the trains by singing louder as they rolled past their houses of worship. They covered their ears and looked the other way instead of resisting the Nazi terrorists. 41,000,000 babies in just one year! MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE BECOME! WHAT ARE WE DOING!
    We here in the USA may not be able to change things all around the world but we can change things here! Are we going to turn up the music, sing louder? Offer more courses and classes on how to be better Christians, how to live your best life now, how to be healed and prosperous? Men of God, where is your courage? Where are your voices?
    As we spend millions on our church buildings and facilities to “minister”, where is the outcry for those whose blood is being spilled on the alters of selfishness and convenience because of our choices to not abstain from the actions that can produce unwanted human life. We have so devalued human life that it has become disposable except for the flesh and bone that is sold for profit by those whose god is money. And only the living God knows what is really being done with the flesh of the innocent victims. WHERE IS THE CHURCH’S VOICE OF DISAPPROVAL of this abomination? Why are the doors of so many churches closing?
    God is calling His people to repent for our silence and apathy. And not just some of us, but every one of us. From my house to your house to the White House and all those in between who call themselves God’s people, Christian and Jewish, rich or poor, regardless of color or ethnicity. If we continue to promote, justify, accept or ignore the murder of our own offspring our future as a free nation will cease to be. We are destroying the foundations of future generations as well as the unique individuals with the gifts, talents, and contributions of lives predestined to be conformed to Gods image and likeness in His Son Jesus Christ.
    Repentance for the shedding of innocent blood by the tens of millions in the USA MUST begin with the Church. Only then can we be assured of a free future because God has said if we will humble ourselves and repent and SEEK HIS FACE AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS He will heal our land and forgive our sins. There is no other way! There is no shortcut to redemption for our nations turning away from the Love and Mercy and Blessings of God. There is no higher priority for the church today. To continue witnessing such genocide in silence is our choice. Personally, … I can no longer stay silent. He has called me to bear witness and to be disobedient to such a call would assure a life most miserable. There are those of you reading this who are called as well. Allow Him to use you to be His Voice.
    Pastors…heed the warning!
    Elders……heed the warning!
    Congregations….heed the warning!
    Large memberships, overflowing funds, and large buildings are not evidence of Gods presence. The message Jesus sent His witnesses out with has not changed. Is it the message you are hearing in your church?

  7. Donna Blakey

    What an atrocity! All i can do is pray that God steps in and changes this horrible thing. What i wouldn’t give to have one of those precious babies. I had one precious son and always wanted another baby, but it never happened for me. However i did have the awesome privalege to care for many infants in my life. With a degree in child development, along with much additional classes fir special needs children. In addition i had 2 beautiful foster children. Careing for children was my whole lifes work. And i really miss it now that I’m retired. God is not pleased! And if they don’t repent, woe to them that do these horrible unthinkable sadistic, and needless to say barbaric things! God have mercy on their soul. It truly is the shedding of innocent blood, and God hates it. Let’s humble ourselves before almighty God and agree together that the Lord will put an end to this needless slaughter! In Jesus name. With God all things are possible. Thankyou Lord Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers. We praise you, and honor, and give you all the glory. For you alone are worthy. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen