Netanyahu vows to ‘broaden government’ as Herzog plans to bring him down

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Monday to “make every effort to broaden our government because of the great challenges that stand before us.”
The premier made the remarks before his 30-member Likud faction at Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu pledged to place Israel on a stronger diplomatic footing while also working to bring down the cost of living.

“With God’s help, the new government that will be formed in the upcoming days will last a long time – a lot longer than the last government,” Netanyahu said.
Isaac Herzog, the man whom Netanyahu defeated in the recent general election, told his Zionist Union party on Monday that the premier’s “failure to cobble together a government” necessitates “new elections.”
“It’s been two months now, and Netanyahu hasn’t been capable of forming a government that wins Knesset approval,” Herzog said. “We now have a rare opportunity, as a large, strong political bloc, to prevent a horrible government from coming to be in Israel.”


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