Netanyahu: Putin meeting crucial to avoiding misunderstandings at northern

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in order to “communicate our policies,” and insure that there would be  no “misunderstandings” between Israeli and Russian forces, in light of Moscow’s recent deployment of aircraft and soldiers into Syria.


Netanyahu told a press conference after the meeting that Israel seeks to foil Iranian attempts to create a base for terror in the Golan Heights, and that his goal was “to prevent misunderstandings between IDF troops and Russian troops”.


The main result of the meeting, he said, was to create a mechanism to avoid such misunderstandings. “Our main goal is to defend Syria,” Putin replied politely. “With that being said, I understand your concerns and Im very happy youve come to discuss these issues in detail.”


Though its currently unknown what was said in private between the two leaders, Netanyahu was expected to request that Israel maintain freedom for its air force in the skies above Syria.


The IAF has launched strikes in Syrian territory on several occasions either in retaliation to rocket fire or against weapons being transported to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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