Netanyahu Appoints Bennett As Defense Minister, Parties to Unite

In a dramatic move on Friday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed New Right Party Leader Naftali Bennett to the position of Defense Minister in the interim cabinet that is currently presiding over the Knesset while attempts to form a new coalitions take place.

The two met on Friday morning and discussed the terms of having the New Right party continue on in the current Knesset as a joint party to the Likud in exchange for Bennett getting appointed as the Defense Minister.

Bennett also agreed, that should a solution be found to the current political conundrum and a wide-ranging government be formed, then he would step-down as Defence Minister if the position was needed to be given to someone else as a part of the agreement.  New Right co-leader Ayelet Shaked will not receive a ministerial role at this time but may receive one, should a government be formed by the Likud.