Nazi Tyranny Alive and Well Among Islamists

Prosor noted that the freedom enjoyed by the world today is thanks to the efforts of the Allied armies, who “did not always agree, but despite their political differences they knew that evil had to be stopped.”


“For Israel and the Jewish people, World War II is synonymous with the Holocaust,” continued Prosor. “Families were torn apart, vibrant communities destroyed, and one third of the Jewish people – including one million children – were murdered. We are still haunted by the devastation.”


Turning his focus to the present day, the ambassador warned, “freedom is once again under attack. The radical Islamists marching across the Middle East and North Africa are every bit as determined and dangerous as the Nazi forces that marched across Europe.”


“Seventy-five years ago men, women, and children were rounded up and murdered because of what they believed, where they came from, how they looked, and whom they loved. The same crimes are taking place in the Middle East. Activists and political opponents are being silenced, homosexuals are being hanged, and Christians are being beheaded,” noted Prosor.


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