National ID scheme needs to be Global

July 17, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

A lack of secure identification is hampering the development of e-commerce and the provision of public services online.


In day-to-day life, from banking to dating, if you don’t know who you are dealing with, you are vulnerable to fraud or deceit, or will have to submit to cumbersome procedures such as scanning and uploading documents to prove who you are.
Providing a digital ID that can be widely used and trusted is far harder. Businesses can check their employees rigorously, and issue credentials for gaining access to buildings, computers and the like. But what about outside the workplace? Facebook, Google and Twitter are all trying to make their accounts a form of ID. But these are issued without verification, so pseudonyms are rife and impersonation easy.

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One Response to “National ID scheme needs to be Global”

  1. Capitalism was founded under Christian influence. Marxism is anti-Christian, and there will be a hybrid form of it under the Antichrist – who will consume the Harlot/Babylon – as government and big business are in bed together. Babylon, who sits on many waters (economic center), and the “merchants are the great men of the earth” . Great freedom and prosperity is given under Capitalism, but with it comes great responsibility with a Christ conscience, but as government and business (greed) are found in bed together – freedom is lost to all and the devil takes full global control for a season – until God’s necessary judgements pave the way for the Theocracy of Jesus Christ!

  2. Robert

    Jesus is YAHu’shuwa (I AM is our Saviour),
    He is YAHu’WaH (I AM that I AM) God of the Old Testiment Manifest in the flesh as a man.
    YAHu’shuwa (Jesus) will return at the Seventh and last trumpet sound to take his bride the Oneness Jesus Name Church to Heaven and destroy Satan and his false religions and Socialist governments.
    Hallelu’Yah !!

  3. John Smith

    And now he is attacking Brexit, if he restores the EU the evidence will be even more compelling that Trump is the Antichrist. His immoral life, bragging and disregard for the environment (abombanation of desolation=absence of life)/man of perdition (destruction) who loves war, is just more evidence. However socialism is not the issue, much of the Bible has socialistic over-tones and capitalism didn’t really exist under Roman slavery. The Bible also condemns usury and banking (Ezekiel.)

    • Also while reading up on macron. I learned his family was not religious yet at 12 years old he went on his own and was baptised as a roman Catholic. I find this all curious.

  4. Tracy

    Why has Canada been able to keep a peaceful socialistic society?
    Also , if all people will not know when Jesus has returned how can I make certain I know ?

    • Tracy,

      You can know by the signs that are happening, when the peace agreement is signed and Israel is allowed to start building the Temple on the Temple Mount, and start animal sacrifices, we will know the final seven years have started.(Dan.9:27) The Bible tells us that in the middle of that seven years the Antichrist will stop the animal sacrifices and declare himself to be God. This event will start the Great Tribulation and Jesus says that immediately after the tribulation, He will return for the elect. (Matthew 24:15-31).
      As far as missing it, when we say that, we mean some people will not be ready and when Christ comes to gather us unto Him, they will miss it. However all will see Him. Revelation 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.

  5. L. Logan

    If you were to look at mankind’s history of GOVERNING HIMSELF, you would find that since the fall of mankind there are dispensations of time God has allotted, allowed man to try to govern himself in his fallen nature and men went through 6 various forms of self governance. From the creation man had FREE WILL but God had ALWAYS GIVEN COMMAND AS TO HOW MAN WOULD BE UNDER HIS CONTROL WITH BOUNDARIES SET BY GOD even though “He had let go their own way,” as Paul preached to the Greeks at Lystra. Acts 14:16 Later Paul had went to Athens and there visited the Areopagus and the Athenians took him to Mars Hill, the GOD OF WAR, to hear him speak about Jesus the Christ. He saidas recorded in Acts 17:22- Men and brethren I observe in every way I turn that you are very religious and devout in all respects. Now as I was going along and carefully looking at your OBJECTS OF WORSHIP, I came to an ALTAR WITH INSCRIPTION: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. V.26- He made from one man EVERY NATION OF MANKIND TO LIVE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, having DETERMINED THEIR APPOINTED TIMES and the BOUNDARIES OF THEIR LANDS and THEIR TERRITORIES. Men have went out from God’s authority at Eden such as Cain did and formed families and communal tribes often warring with each other. They appointed men of renown such as the hunter Nimrod to RULE OVER THEM and secure them from attack from both MAN and BEAST and forsook the God of CREATION deifying those rulers and finding FALSE TEACHERS and MYSTICS to make them their priest and priestess to WORSHIP and give themselves and their children to these IDOLS and DEMON SPIRITS to CORRUPT THAT IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD that their CREATOR had formed them in. They became so corrupt, evil and profane that God repented he HAD ALLOWED SATAN TO TAKE THEM IN THEIR UNBELIEF TO SUCH DEGREE OF SIN AS THEIR THOUGHTS WERE EVIL CONTINUALLY AND THEIR TRIBAL COMMUNITIES WERE VIOLENT, DEPRAVED AND MURDEROUS TOWARD ONE ANOTHER EVEN GIVING THEMSELVES TO OFFER THEIR CHILDREN AS SACRIFICES! They had CORRUPTED NOT ONLY THEIR FLESH BUT “ALL FLESH,” SO PERVERSE THAT gOD DETERMINED TO WIPE THEM FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH THEIR FAMILIES HAD MIGRATED TO IN THEIR WANDERING LOST SPIRIT OF CAIN. Communal and DESPOTIC SOCIALISM is that SPIRIT OF CAIN and NIMROD with the CULTISH RELIGION OF SEXUAL IMMORALITY LIKE BABYLON PRIESTESS CULT. Israel REJECTED GOD and HIS JUDGES and Prophets HE SENT THEM. THEY DEMANDED A KING LIKE THE PAGAN NATIONS AROUND THEM HAD. COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM are two DEMONIC FEMININE SPIRITS WITH STORKS WINGS BEARING THE EPHAH OF INIQUITY TO SHINAR. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have their gay pride parades fulfilling the scriptures in the Revelation that it is SPIRITUALLY CALLED SODOM AND EGYPT BY CHRIST! They have Jewish socialists ready to give their inheritance away for hopes of securing peace and safety but God has APPOINTED THEM SUDDEN DESTRUCTION AND JACOB’S TROUBLE FOR 3 1/2 YEARS UNTIL THEY CALL UPON MESSIAH TO DELIVER THEM. That time is fast approaching when the GREEN HORSE RIDER BRINGS HIS DESOLATION AND ABOMINATION TO JERUSALEM! HE WORSHIPS A FOREIGN GOD A RUSSIAN SOCIALIST ONE AND HONORS HIM UNTIL THE STONE OF CHRIST CRUSHES THE IDOL ON HIS FEET THAT KING OF THE NORTH AND UTMOST NORTH!